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    Hello ReneHermi. The last 3 days, Ive been checking the invalid click activity in my site. What scares me, is that the log of clickbombers, shows 1 ataccker with 11 clicks and another with 22. Plguin is active, updated to latest version (WP is latest also) and added a cuustom class. Plugin is also set to stop adds at 2 clicks.
    Ill gladly provide further information if needed.
    Thanks much in advance.

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  • Plugin Author Rene Hermenau


    Mhh thats a lot! Because of the technical limitations of client server systems, HTML and javascript its still possible to generate clicks when someone is well skilled in this technics. There is no 100% safety we only reduce the amount of malicious clicks on the ads. Because of obvious reasons i will not explain this steps here. I have a thought how the clicks are generated and will integrate a special function today. But this function is only available for dedicated server or for small websites with not too many visitors, because it generates a lot of database requests every few seconds.



    OH. I see Rene. Will the premium version of the plugin prevent this?

    Plugin Author Rene Hermenau


    I can not promise it, but it could be worth a try.



    Hai. I’ve been using the premium version but someone still able to click 8 times. Looks like it doesn’t block the ip after 2 click.

    Will it work if i use class like this?

    <span class=”cfmonitor”>CODE</span>
    <aside class=”cfmonitor”>CODE</aside>

    Plugin Author Rene Hermenau


    Yes, that should work. You should be able to test it and it should disappear when u click on it. Does it? Please tell me the name you bought the premium plugin from and i send you another version which includes the new function. But be warned: it generates a lot of traffic on your site: Only recommended if you have not so many visitors or use good hardware;) Otherwise just live with the knowledge that some user are still able to generate more than 1 click. Google also uses algorithms to detect such behavior and it should be no problem when the most of the malicious guys are blocked.

    Hi, i am using also the plugin and yesterday i had big amount of clicks,like :19,45,21.
    I set the amount for 4 in 7 day period,most of the time it blocks it,but this one is just too much.
    Is there anything to do about it?
    Thank you

    hey elraffe
    is your adsense still safe after that and did you report it to adsense?
    I’m freaking out now that I see one click bomber get through mine last night

    I did report it,but nothing happened,at least they didn’t get back to me.I am not afraid now,so far i see they remove the invalid clicks right away.For sure you saw your balance going up and is because of that.Do some counter measures against it.Use incapsula cdn/google it/,wordfence and click fraud monitoring.I even deny a whole range of IP-s from where the clicks came from,so they can’t acces my site.Still sometimes i see clicks coming through…but it is very rare now…don’t speak of the devil 😉

    Plugin Author Rene Hermenau


    I am sceptical that someone from the AdSense Team is manually reading the click fraud reports. I bet these are thousands everyday, but who knows? Maybe the reporting of invalid or malicious clicks lead to any positive internal AdSense rating for the own account. All in all, the internal Click Fraud detection google is using is probably extremely smart and the manual reporting of click fraud is not mandatory – only in extremely cases when your CTR hitrate breaks through everyday and regularly the barrier of your standard CTR.

    But this should be prevented by this click fraud plugin.

    -double post

    well I set mine to 3 max clicks and I just saw 34 click bombs. Not sure how did he get through so much.. and I’m already on wordfence .

    Could it be that this plugin detected those who is on a different pc but using Wifi/Lan connection as one pc?

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