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  • Okay, I’m trying to get WP Grins to work. I did everything the README told me to but I always get this error. Easy way (through quicktags) and the hard way too.
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wp_grins() in /home/imysteri/public_html/wp/wp-admin/edit-form-advanced.php on line 121
    Why’s it doing that?

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  • The plugin is not activated if that’s the error.
    Using a plugin, or the hack ?
    Oh…….what’s the error doing there ? The calls to that function go in quicktags.php and / or wp-comments.php

    It’s the plugin and it is activated. And the error shows up in both. When I go and make a post and in the comments. I put the <?php wp_grins(); ?> in quicktags.php and in wp-comments like it told me to.

    What version of wp are you using ?

    Podz, I use that plugin too. It works fine for me except for one thing. What would cause one of the smilies not to display? It’s this one 😕
    Just curious.

    I upgraded wp to the latest version.

    @adb – check the image actually uploaded okay ?
    @anon – how did you get the plugin ? Did you type anything into it ? All I can think is that somehow the fucntion name has been changed in the plugin itself.. otherwise I’m mystified.

    Yep, the image is there. Maybe I should reinstall?

    I just checked mine … I have the same problem 🙂
    I can see the clickable image (face with a squiggly smile) but I just get 😕 in the comment.
    How odd .

    strange, indeed.

    There’s a reason why you’ll not find them on sites such as the the Zen Garden, CSS Vault, The Web Standards Awards,,, May !st Reboot, and more…
    And it isn’t because they can’t get them working, in case your wondering.

    Yea, I know …….. but still, the odd smilie doesn’t hurt.
    I mean, I have a pixel perfect CSS template on my site, and I have styled it ala ‘Johnny Cash’ – you won’t see that on Zen Garden either 🙂

    Sorted it.
    In ‘vars.php’ line 127 has this:
    ‘ :???:’ => ‘icon_confused.gif’,
    There is a space between the ‘ and the : at the beginning. I went to my test entry, added a space before the code, and it works.
    I suppose editing vars.php and removing spaces would work too.

    Check the file. There must be absolutely totally definitely nothing either before the very first <?php or after the last ?>
    It’s easily sortable 🙂

    That didn’t work. Can I just delete it? Right now I’m thinking I don’t need the smilies. :-/

    If necessary, download a new wp, and use the vars.php from that ?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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