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    I’m trying to make the header image clickable so it send you to another site. currently it is clickable but takes you to the current site.
    I thought I had found the code and updated it correctly but when clicked the path it sends you to is the current site url then the url of the site I want it to go to.. below is the code with the link I want it to go to

    <div id="template">
    	<div id="header" onclick="location.href='';" style="cursor: pointer;">
    		/* $head_text = '<div id="head-title">' . get_bloginfo('name') . '</div><div id="head-description">' . get_bloginfo('description') . '</div>'; */
    		$head_text = '<div id="head-title"></div><div id="head-description">' . get_bloginfo('description') . '</div>';

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    the url of the site is
    the URL of the site I want it to send you when you click on the header image,
    the url it currently sends you to using the above code

    I can’t figure out why it’s inserting the current url in addition to the one of the page I want it to go to.
    any help would be greatly appreciated. I didn’t create the site, I was just asked to do some updates but I ahve very little WP experience and less with php..

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  • Hi vball

    when typing the url’s make sure you use the complete syntax: ‘’

    thank you so much, that did the trick.. I didn’t even notice I hadn’t put that !! I was so busy looking for a hard solution I didn’t see the simple one..

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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