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    Hello. I am running the latest version of Yoast and in the admin area, on every page load, I’m getting a message and a button that says, “Click here to speed up your site now.” I click the button and it appears to run but then the message comes right back. The first time I run it, it says 73 objects. Then the second and subsequent times, it says 2 objects.

    I’ve used the Test Helper plugin to reset the indexation (twice), yet the issue persists.

    Any ideas?

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  • Same here – we have this issue on multiple installs.

    Yeah same here.

    Same for me and from what I’ve seen, is happening to a lot of users.

    The indexation never ends and the database table of yoast indexation keeps growing…and growing…

    In my case, the problem is in websites where I’m using WPML.

    Right, I can confirm it happens on sites using WMPL.

    Not using WMPL. What is it about that plugin that would be a conflict? Perhaps that could shed some light.

    Here are the other plugins – I wonder if one of them is causing the issue?

    BackUpWordPress Version 3.10 by XIBO Ltd
    Caldera Forms Version 1.8.11 by Caldera Labs
    Caldera Forms Anti Spam Version 0.3 by Yoohoo Plugins
    Classic Editor Version 1.5 by WordPress Contributors
    Enable Media Replace Version 3.3.12 by ShortPixel
    FV Player Version
    Lightweight Grid Columns Version 1.0 by Tom Usborne
    Quotes Collection Version 2.5.2 by Srini G
    Really Simple CAPTCHA Version 2.0.2 by Takayuki Miyoshi
    Redirection Version 4.7.1 by John Godley
    Security Ninja (Premium) Version 5.102 by WP Security Ninja
    Shortcoder Version 5.3.1 by Aakash Chakravarthy
    Spam Destroyer Version 2.1.3 by Ryan Hellyer
    Widget Logic Version 5.10.4 by WPChef
    Wordfence Security Version 7.4.7 by Wordfence
    Yoast SEO Version 14.0.4 by Team Yoast
    Yoast Test Helper Version 1.6 by Team Yoast

    Database info:

    Extension mysqli
    Server version 5.7.30
    Client version mysqlnd 5.0.12-dev – 20150407 – $Id: 3591daad22de08524295e1bd073aceeff11e6579 $
    Database username
    Database host localhost
    Database name
    Table prefix wp_
    Database charset utf8mb4
    Database collation utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci

    I sure wish the plugin author would respond since many of us are having the same problem.

    Plugin Support Maybellyne


    @dvazquez260376 @herrschuessler

    Since you are using WPML, the latest Yoast SEO plugin is not compatible with the current WPML and some other multilingual plugin version. You may consider downgrading to Yoast SEO 13.5 until WPML confirms they are compatible with the new Yoast Indexables features.

    @cleanup @sirrahikkala @richards1052
    If you are not using any translation plugin such as WPML, can you please try the following?

    • Install & activate the Yoast Test Helper plugin
    • Go to Tools -> Yoast Test
    • Hit the “Reset indexables & migrations” button
    • Delete your current Yoast SEO installation.
    • Update to Yoast SEO 14.0.4
    • Click the “Click here to speed up your site now” button.
    • Does that make any changes in your setup?

      If that still doesn’t work for you, feel free to dismiss the notification. Your site will index automatically over time as your pages get visited. Then you can run the index in a couple of weeks’ time to cover the pages/objects that didn’t get any traffic.

    Thank you, @maybellyne. I did those steps and it’s still doing the same thing. I will dismiss and hope for the best!

    Plugin Support benvaassen


    Thanks for letting us know Emily! If it’s not working after a few weeks, please let us know and open up a new topic. For now, I’m gonna mark this as resolved.

    For everyone who is running WPML, we’re including a fix for the infinite indexation. We’d recommend downgrading to 13.5 and wait on our 14.1 release. It should be released in a couple of days, so please hang in there for a little while!

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