• It should be a rule that when ever someone comes online and comes here they have to click at least two of the adsense ads to help Matt get funds so he can continue running WP.
    So come on click it it doesn’t hurt…………..much!!!
    MWP – Its about to hit!!! – Opens Late January 2004

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  • Talk like that will get wordpress.org booted out of the AdSense program.
    Do click ads that interest you, but don’t just click-click-click…

    G**gle actively monitors pages that their ads run on for content such as on this thread and takes action against them. I would suggest we stop discussing this and someone removes the references to that from this thread.

    My god…the paranoia!

    You’d be paranoid too if everyone was out to get you. 😉

    Just be cause you’re paranoid, don’t mean the’re not after you.

    they all are AFTER you…
    no doubt abt it…

    Cena, it is not paranoia, just read some Adsense threads at WebmasterWorld. If the clickthrough will suspiciously rise, you can be banned without warning. marzar00, if you want to really help this site and do not cause potential problems, the way to go is this:
    1) promote WordPress itself
    2) do not write “incentives of any kind for users to click on ads”. This is prohibited by the Google TOS.
    I would really recommend to delete this whole thread.

    I think that’s pretty shitty if the terms of service of any service or product are so draconian that they inspire people to censorship and this kind of cowering fear.

    well i would say that they are easy to use and they do actually payback gr8. and they have their own limitations. what would u do if someone makes JS loop on a click that u have to pay for! 🙂

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