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  • jeremyhagan


    When I run the following command,
    wp stream query --path=/var/www/html/ --format=csv --order='asc' --date_after=2018-12-18T23:59:59
    the query outputs as below:

    "2018-12-19 03:28:50",,1,administrator,"JeremyHagan logged out"
    "2018-12-19 03:28:52",,1,administrator,"JeremyHagan logged in"
    "2018-12-19 05:27:40",,1,administrator,"JeremyHagan logged out"
    "2018-12-19 05:27:42",,1,administrator,"JeremyHagan logged in"

    However, when I run
    wp stream query --path=/var/www/html/ --format=csv --order='asc' --date_after=2018-12-19T00:00:59

    There is no output. My query seems to be completely disregarding the time part of the query.

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