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    Sites were down this morning on a 30GB VPS running a small handful of wp sites that all use clef. I found 23GB!!! of log files out of control /var/logs/mysql and had to find a way to start mysql so I could purge them properly. I did this my moving the log files to another server, starting the mysql service, then moving the files back to purge them via mysql cmd, then ran reset master.

    Once I did this I discovered within seconds the new log file grew to 50mb, then 60mb…and so forth. I purged again and captured a 13mb chunk. Every single line (among thousands) are serialized with ‘clef_wp_session_garbage_collection’ so something is causing this to crazy eventually eating up all my drive space and crashing mysql.

    I have a 3 day cycle on logs but it grows too fast, this safeguard doesn’t help. Any ideas what would cause this?

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  • Finally found the actual table in the log file was the wp_option cron table. Checked cron jobs and sure enough, thousands of clef_wp_session_garbage_collection jobs set at 1hr intervals. Manually deleting cron jobs and will be checking other installs for this problem.

    Just checked site again and confirmed approx 20-30 cron tasks for clef_wp_session_garbage_collection. What would be causing this. Other sites on this same server using clef do not do this.

    Plugin Contributor inthylight


    Greetings Phillip,

    I’m sorry for the troubles. This is not a known issue (i.e., no other reports of this behavior have come through). In order to help figure out the cause, may I ask you to email and include the basics of your server setup:

    which hosting provider and package, database type and version, PHP version, Apache or Nginx, etc.;

    and the WordPress configuration: site URL, list of active plugins, any code modifications in functions.php.

    Also, can you check that site’s wp-config.php to see whether either of the following two constants are set:

    Thanks Laurence. I’ve since moved the site to another server (completely different host) along with an offloaded db server that has 384gb of memory to play with =)

    The cron jobs keep popping up and I have to manually delete them. I am using easyengine with nginx caching (–wpfc option) which is pretty standard across all my servers running Ubuntu 14.04 x64. I believe the db is Maria Mysql.

    I’ll shoot over an email with further details. Thanks for offering to help.

    I suspect something happened during the migration from my dev domain that may be causing this.

    Sorry for the delay, just shot over the email w/ details and a login for you. I’ve narrowed it down to front end page loads while logged in populates 2-3 new clef_wp_session_garbage_collection tasks.

    I have another site running same theme/plugins on that server (also using clef) and it doesn’t have this behavior.

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    Thank you for the detailed info and access to the server for troubleshooting. I’ve verified the issue: the plugin’s WP cron scheduler is adding excess garbage collection events for Clef 2FA’s session.

    We’ve prepared a beta (download .zip) with the fix, which will be pushed live early next week.

    In the meantime, to install the beta .zip:

    1. copy your existing Clef plugin settings including (i.e., App ID, App Secret, and Override URL)
    2. uninstall the existing plugin
    3. go to Plugins -> Add -> Upload (near the top), and select the .zip; then activate the plugin as usual
    4. at the first screen of the setup wizard, select the “Skip setup, I already have Clef API keys” link (near the bottom); then input your saved settings on the Clef settings page

    If you encounter any issues with the beta, please send me a note at

    Perfect thank you Laurence!

    I am also noticing the same behaviour where there are hourly clef_wp_session_garbage_collection cron jobs being actioned. I am noticing that this is the single cause of 503 maintenance pages being displayed until the resource has finished. Is there a planned update release to stop this happening or should I try the beta version and steps written above?

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    Hi Tom,

    The fix in the beta mentioned above was pushed live in version 2.5.5 back in June. Can you double-check that you are running the latest version of the plugin?

    I am running 2.6.0 and after checking the logs this morning there is huge number of cron events already for today

    I have just deleted the plugin and from what I can see it is leaving an absolute ton of cron jobs behind. I will delete these and re-install the plugin to see if they appear again or not.

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