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  • I’m having this same problem after clearing my cache in chrome the data disappears, until I login to the site again it’s re-populated. Is there a way to permanently delete the persistent data if the user chooses?


    It’s funny, for me, I would want it to be the exact opposite – I am using gravity forms to have my clients (brides and grooms) fill out big pre-wedding forms that collect all kinds of information about them, the reception agenda, etc (I’m a Mobile DJ). So I specifically WANT this plugin to hang onto the data. It would be best if it were an admin setting – “clear persistence after successful submission.”

    Has anyone found an answer for this? We have a form for first responders that will have confidential information. I want users to be able to come back to the form as many times as necessary to get it done but then clear the information after they submit. Thanks.

    First Responder Information

    The only way to do so is manually from the database. If you don’t know what you’re doing it can screw up your WordPress install. This would be a useful feature to add, a checkbox the user can tick “delete my persistent data”

    You can contact Riz (the maker of this plugin) directly here:

    He does respond, however he is in Bangladesh so there’s a time difference and I’m unsure of his current workload.

    Thanks. Obviously, I have very limited knowledge about what I’m doing, so I will leave hands off. Thanks for the contact info.

    I’m not sure, but this seems to be a bug inside the ‘Enable multi entry from same user while form is persistent’ functionality. In my opinion, the form should be cleared out when a user submits the form, so that a new entry can be made without using the old persistent data.

    The ‘persistent_multipage_forms.php’ file contains a specific function that does the job. Provided with the correct $lead_id, the function ‘delete_entry_from_gf_tables’ removes all persistant data from the database. Maybe we could access this function directly and force a cleanup during a gform_submission_hook of some sort.

    – Jelle

    This is what I did following bwhontwerpers road:

    Find the file persistent_multipage_forms.php and inside set_post_content() function find the line that says:
    update_option($entry_option_key, $entry[‘id’]);

    and write just below it the following one:
    update_option($option_key, json_encode(”));

    it will clear all the user data related to the form.



    Thanks for the quick fix berio. All is good now, although I was hoping for a solution that didn’t involve ‘hacking’ into the plugin source code. But still, it does the job, so thanks again!

    – Jelle

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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