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  • I downloaded twentytwelve for new site I have under construction. Unfortunately, I forgot to make a child theme, and started customizing right away on twentytwelve parent.

    I decided that I’d better make a child theme (after I had already customized the parent), and customize the child theme instead, to avoid updates messing up my customization. I followed WP Codex coding to create child team in C-Panel. When I activated the child, it did not take on the style of twentytwelve. I cleared browser cache, deleted my WP Super Cache plug-in, deleted my customized twentytwelve theme, deleted the twentytwelve child theme that hadn’t taken up the style, deleted the child’s style.css file, and started over, from scratch.

    However, when I installed a fresh copy of the twentytwelve theme (after all of the purging/deletions), it showed up on my site with all of the previous customizations still intact (even though the caches were emptied)! How do I “clear” the customizations that somehow my WP or C-Panel is remembering from my previous twentytwelve parent installation? Note: I have read the WP Forum notes re others not being able to get the style.css to work for the child, but this is different, I suspect, because I don’t seem to be able to shake off the original customization, and I think that the previously customized twentytwelve parent (which was deleted) must still be in memory somewhere and affecting the creation of a clean, stylized child theme?

    I am new to this, would appreciate any help. Thanks very much. My site is messy since I am early in the very early stages of “under construction”, but if it helps I can take off the “cloak”.

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  • I’ve had that happen after I delete a theme too, but only if I install the same theme. it still shows the same template files for a while. Neve sure why.

    It doesn’t happen often. But when it does, I find if I delete the folder myself from the server, it clears it.

    Thanks, deepbevel – I tried the same as you — I deleted the File (style.css for the child theme), and I also deleted the new Folder that I had created in Themes/WP-content – that did not solve problem.

    I have thought of using Firebug to edit my non-clearing customized Twenty Twelve – that is, inspect each of the customized changes and delete them.

    But since I am not a coder in HTML, I am afraid of not deleting enough, or deleting too much, because I am not sure if the highlighted code for a particular customization entirely corresponds to that particular customization (for example, an imported clickable image in one of the front page widgets) or if I have to go up a few levels and delete more than the highlighted code. I wouldn’t mind starting from scratch with twentytwelve, but I can’t get a fresh copy that does not take up the previous customization….

    I’ve even thought of deleting my entire sert of WP file, and reinstalling WP, starting completely over, but then I wouldn’t have learned anything, would I?

    That’s odd. Not sure what else to try. I assume the issue has been present for at least an hour or so? Maybe it will clear itself..

    Just to be clear, i was suggesting deleting the entire theme folder, then installing the same theme again. Then add your child theme.

    haha, I wouldn’t worry about learning, you’ll have plenty of that ahead like it or not.
    Saving time can be a good thing to learn too! I wouldn’t hesitate to reinstall wp.

    You mean delete, in my C-Panel, in my public_html folder, the “themes” folder?

    My concern: If I do delete it (and I am tilting that way), I am not sure how to install a new themes folder — it has a different color (blue) to the regular folders (yellow), and I notice that it includes, in addition to my theme files, a 30-byte file called index.php, which I expect I would need going forward? Any guidance on how to complete this round-trip operation?


    To be clear, I have already (twice)deactivated and deleted all of my twentytwelve themes from my dashboard.

    no, not the themes folder. Just the folder for the theme in question.

    Perhaps these uninstall steps will help?

    Thanks, I will try them – they look promising and provide a new approach!

    one question,

    when i try to open wp-config.php as instructed above, my PC says I don’t have the software to open it – this probably proves a lot about how little I know re HTML and PHP – is there some program I can download to enable me to open this .php file?

    If it is really compalex, that’s OK, I think I will go for a full WP re-install. Again, Tx.

    You should be able to open a php file with a text editor — you may need to open the text editor first and then use File — > Open.

    Your computer should have some version of a text editor — but here’s a list if you need to find one.

    OK. Appreciate your patience and tolerance!

    I think I will simply delete my entite WP installation and start again…luckily, I have not done a lot of work (relatively speaking) on customization, and it should not take me more than a morning to get back to a clean version. I have purged all caches as if I were Attila the Hun – I ereally want my PC to have amnesia re the last version of WP!….thanks again.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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