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    Just when you thought it was safe to check back into the forums…

    After getting over the hurdle yesterday, I had successfully got everything up in running in two sites. When I hit the third, no dice. Couldn’t figure out why – I was logged into the correct Google account, etc. – just wouldn’t work. I foolishly thought, ‘hey, I’ll just delete the API and start from scratch.’

    Somehow the settings for the deleted API are cached somewhere, and even deleting and reinstalling the plugin won’t clear it. I get caught in a loop of ‘that API has been deleted’ whenever I try to get to the settings page. It won’t display the settings, it just jumps straight to the Google error page.

    Magic eraser?

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  • Hi tararebeka. Did you try going to the Google developers site in another browser? Forgive me if you already tried this, but I usually work in Chrome and when caching mysteries arise, I just open Firefox and delete everything (history/cache) and then try signing in.

    Are you still using the old Docs to WP version successfully? I’m thinking of going back to it since having docs transfer successfully but bring along none of the text formatting or categories or GD comments is breaking my back (and other things). Tomorrow I’ll be two weeks’ worth of posts behind. Argh.

    I’ve tried Chrome, Safari and Firefox. I don’t think it’s a browser issue – the configuration (client ID, client secret, etc.) are cached somewhere (I’m assuming on my site). I’ve manually deleted and reinstalled the plugin, but somewhere, it’s pulling that info, rather than allowing me to enter the new ID and Secret. So, it gets caught in a loop of ‘that API has been deleted.’

    I’ve just now reinstalled the old version and it’s working just fine. Since you were able to get up and running with the new one, maybe keep using the 0.4 ’til Google really does kill it, then switch to 1.1. Hopefully the guys will be able to push out another update by then.

    Good luck.

    Got 0.4 working again, at least until the Google hammer comes down. Thank you and good luck to you, too. I await word from our esteemed plug-in authors.

    Well, I was finally able to hunt it down the scary way – I had to go into PHPmyAdmin and the database to find the API settings. After manually clearing them and saving, I was able to go back to the settings on the WordPress side and enter the new Client ID and Secret.

    Sadly, still no luck on the bold/italics, but at least I’m not stuck in the loop anymore.

    Hey, tararebeka,

    I’ve been using DocstoWP for more than a year and it went south on me (though not sure when as my web producer just limped along without telling me.) Trying to get it back up by deleting everything and starting fresh. So much has changed since I first installed. I found myself in the same situation as you—deleting the API but getting an error as it seemed to be cached. I tried to go into the phpmyadmin database to dig it out. Couldn’t find it anywhere 🙁

    But what got me in trouble in the first place is something simple… the client id and secret. When I created the API, I didn’t know where to find those bits of data. I think I selected the project ID and… who knows what I tried for the secret. Anyway, can you tell me where to find those?

    In the old interface, I seemed to recall they showed up on the same page ore the next page once you created the app… Something intuitive.

    Sorry for the giant backstory. I have a feeling I’ll be back before I’m up and running again.

    No problem – I know how gut wrenching it is to have things just not work (that seems to be my theme this week).

    Here’s a screenshot of where to find them:

    Google API screen

    It’s under APIs & Auth->Credentials. Hope that’s what you need.

    Good luck.

    Thank you! That’s why I didn’t find them… When I navigate there, it asks me to create a new client ID and a new key. Each of those has several options which I’ll have to decipher. I imagine once I complete that stage, I’ll get the coveted id and secret.

    Thanks for your speedy help. With luck, I’ll find the original in the phpmyadmin database. I poked around but couldn’t find it yet. Big fan of docs to wp… looking forward to having it operational again.

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