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    I do NOT use Clearfy for image optimization and have NOT downloaded Robin Image Optimizer because I have another plugin for that. When I do a page load speed test, why do I see this, please?


    Any script slows page loads so I don’t want this to run. Okay, it only takes 0.201 seconds, but it all adds up!

    Why is Clearfy creating any sort of script concerning lazy loading when I have NOT specified it should? I wouldn’t have thought that was even possible without the Robin plugin. How do I stop it, please?


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    I would like to know as well

    Plugin Support Temyk



    This script is not used for images, but for lazy loading of Google fonts and FontAwesome. Even by the name of the script file it becomes clear.

    To disable this, disable the appropriate settings in the PRODUCTIVITY tab: “Google Fonts asynchronous” and “Font Awesome asynchronous”



    Thanks for answering so quickly.

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