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    Is Clearfy compatible with Multisite install? If yes, how is the way to make it work?

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  • Plugin Author Artem



    The plugin is compatible with multi-sites. What is your problem?

    Thread Starter djwilko12


    Thanks for your reply!
    Here are my comments/questions:

    1- Every setting on each subsite is independent from the others subsites, right?
    2- I tried customizing the robots.txt file on a subsite, but nothing happened… I think the plugin would have handled the robots.txt file for each subsite independetly, right?
    3- I saw the plugin allows to set the plugins updates on a subsite basis… but i think that is not ok, because what happens if i set to atuomatic update on site A, and then i set the opposite on subsite B? There would be a conflict… How to handle that?
    4- If i set to disable heartbeat on subsite A, will i be able to allow it on subsite B?
    Thanks and hope you could reply each point separately.

    Plugin Author Alexander Kovalev



    1. If you activated the plugin for network, then the settings apply to all sites. If you activated the plugin only on a subsite, then the settings apply only to it and the plugin will also be managed only on this site.
    2. If you activated the plugin for a subsite, then robots.txt is configured only for it. Also robots.txt is a virtual file, not a physical one.
    3. You cannot manage updates if the plugin is activated only for a subsite. To manage plugin updates, you need to enable the plugin for the network.
    4.If the plugin is activated for the network, then you cannot disable the heartbeat for a particular site. You need to activate the plugin on a separate site and configure the heartbeat for it.

    Thread Starter djwilko12


    Thanks Alexander for your fast reply!
    Now i noticed that if i activate the plugin for the network, i have no capabilities to manage each site individually. So what would you recommend?

    Now i reply your previous message as i still have some doubts:

    1- You say that if i activate the plugin for network, then the settings apply to all sites. So in this case if i disable heartbeat, it will be applied to every subiste and there is not way i could change that just for 1 subsite, right?

    And If i activate the plugin only on a subsite, then the settings apply only to it.
    So, on subsite A, i would be able to disable heartbeat and on subsite B, i can have it enabled?

    Am i correct?

    2- I tried activating on subsite and never worked… i understand is a virtual file, but when i visit domain.com/robots.txt i should see what i have set on the plugin’s settings, right? For some reason is not working… Could you please check?
    The ides here is to be able to generate virtual robots.txt for each subsite independently.

    3- I tried it again and it happened the opposite… when i activaed for the network, it didint allow me to do changes on the update settings.
    And when i enable it just for 1 subsite, i was able to do changes on the update settings… which is very odd… should be the opposite, because if this happens, some subsites could have contradictory settings. Kindly check

    4- Similar to what i asked on point 1. I would like to know whether each subsite can have independent settings when the plugin is NOT network actviated.

    5- I saw that on the upper menu of the plugin, it shows CLEAN CACHE and a “%”. Why is that? We already use a cache plugin. Maybe it could generate some conflicts. Kindly explain how this cache works.


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