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    Hi, I’m doing little changes in one page, particular on home page.
    I don’t see changes, because is caching, ok.

    One question is what would be the best way to clear only this page? I’d like keep quick cache enabled, because I haven’t much changes to do.
    I think I can go (through ftp) to wp-content/cache/quick-cache/cache/http/MY_WEBSITE_URL/ and find the file, and just remove it. In fact, I see index.html which is the file being cached.

    I forgot…I can see my new changes just if I log in in my site, because logged pages are not being cached 🙂 this is a way to check the changes.

    Another question is: if I do these changes today, and I don’t do anything respect cache, when the users who has visited my site before these changes, will see new changes?

    Thanks very much in advance, Daniel

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  • Plugin Author Raam Dev


    Hi Daniel,

    If you want to manually clear a specific cache file, you can certainly delete the file manually via FTP. That will not cause any problems with Quick Cache.

    Otherwise, Quick Cache will automatically purge cache files based on your Expiration Time setting (see **Dashboard → Quick Cache → Directory / Expiration Time**). The default is 7 days. That means 7 days after the cache file has been generated, it will automatically be deleted and regenerated.

    There are other routines that may also automatically clear certain cache files. For example, if you publish a new post, the Home Page and the Posts Page cache files are automatically cleared, since those pages may now be showing the new post.

    OK 😀 Thanks very much for your answer.
    I have another more question.
    Just after clear the cache, I’d like to “click in all posts/pages” of my wordpress website…in this way, I’ll cache my updated website again…and all the users will see the cached site with latest changes…
    How could I develop this feature?
    This is the thread I wrote in stackoverflow:


    Plugin Author Raam Dev


    @garciasanchezdani You’d need to have a crawler script that visits all of the pages to generate a cache. If you’re using Quick Cache Pro, there’s already a feature in Quick Cache Pro called “Auto-Cache Engine” that will automatically cache all the pages on your site for you.

    Wow! Very good feature. It’s normal that it’s available only for pro version. It’s the best feature I think.

    Hi, one thing, I can’t delete manually one cache file through “ftp”…
    Can you help me?

    Hi there,

    sorry for interruption..

    I have a similar Question,
    I’m running a photo contest on :

    But when adding photo’s through the gallery the page is not refreshing.

    Is there a way to (automatically) clear the cache for just this page?


    Plugin Author Raam Dev


    @elmo2000 In the future, as per the WordPress Support Forum rules, please open a new support thread instead of hijacking existing threads. It helps keep things organized and avoids unnecessary notifications to the person who opened the original post. 🙂

    Is there a way to (automatically) clear the cache for just this page?

    Yes, you can. Please see these instructions: Clearing a specific page cache when saving any post.

    Hi @raam , I’m going to buy quick cache pro 🙂 because I like your work, I like this plugin.
    But one question. Can I use quick cache pro in more than one site? I’d love to use it in some of my websites.
    Regards, Daniel

    Plugin Author Raam Dev


    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks! I’m thrilled you’d like to support my work. 🙂

    We’re not allowed to discuss Pro products here on the Support Forums but if you submit your question through our ticketing system, I’ll give you an answer. 🙂

    Thanks, I saw the answer in a Jason`s comment. I bought pro version 🙂
    Thanks, Daniel

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