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  • I would like to be able to clear the form cookies on sending the form-mail.

    Here’s some info, and why I need to the cookies to clear on sending the email.

    The form is on a car dealer website.

    The form has 2 steps to it, and is activated by clicking on a “Apply for car finance” anchor. This anchor opens up an inline popup box with the first part to the form.

    The first part of the form simply asks for the Name / Email address of the user. However, in the background of the form I am also pulling information from the page as to the: Car Make, Car Model, Year, Registration etc etc. These fields are invisible and are used solely for the next step of the form.

    The second step of the form is where there are lots of user details to be added. The car data from the previous step (collected from the hidden fields) is automatically populated in the correct fields. To aide with filling out the form.

    Now, this works great… except…..

    When the user has seen another car they would like to apply for car finance for, the data collected from the hidden fields that are displayed in the second step still show the cars details from the very first time they clicked on the form.

    Maybe it’s easier for you to check out the problem yourself:

    Simply click on and red “Car Finance” button and go to the next step – you should see all of the vehicles information has been copied over to the form.

    Now, if you try it on another car, you still get the first cars details being pulled over.

    I imagine that if I clear the related cookies when the mail has been sent, it should completely reset the forms.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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