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    I’ve just tested QC Free on my multisite and it works beautifully. Well built and professional looking plugin. I’m prepared to pay the few bucks for the pro version if it does the one simple thing I’m looking for.

    On a multisite does the clear cache button appear on each blog’s dashboard? And works to clear just that blog’s cache only?

    Right now I see a clear cache button in the plugin setup page (in the network admin area). Not sure what that does?

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  • Hi kingluca,

    Like you, I started out by testing QC Lite and indeed it works perfectly. But, the most important thing for me is the functionality to clear the cache per blog. I found out this is not possible when installing the plugin on the main blog of the multisite installation. The plugin (and hooks for clearing cache when updating posts etc) is only loaded on the main blog.

    Thefefor, I moved the plugin to the mu-plugins folder. Now the plugin (and cache hooks / actions) is loaded for every blog. The admin panel is still only available to the network admin on the main blog as this is properly coded and limited by user role / cap. But, the clear cache button is available on every blog. So now the cache is cleared automatically when updating posts or when pushing the button.

    This is not affecting the cache read / write functionality as this is handled by the file advanced-cache.php in /wp-content.

    So, what I did:
    1. Moved the plugin to the /mu-plugins folder
    2. Moved the file quick-cache-pro.php from /mu-plugins/quick-cache-pro/ to /mu-plugins/
    3. Changed the include path in quick-cache-pro.php from dirname(__FILE__).’/’; to dirname(__FILE__).’/quick-cache-pro/’;

    Step 2 and 3 are required because wordpress does not look inside subdirectories of /mu-plugins/ .

    For me this is working like a charm now. I did not find any documentation regarding such a fix.

    I hope one of the plugin developers can confirm this solution is safe to use and maybe add a section in their documentation to help others.

    Hope I helped you out.



    Gerard thanks. I’m not even aware of the presence, or function, of the /mu-plugins folder. I will look into those…


    Plugin Author Raam Dev


    The latest version of Quick Cache (v131224) is fully compatible with Multisite networks, including those using sub-directories and sub-domains.

    You can also clear the cache for individual sites within a Multisite network from the site’s dashboard by clicking the Clear Cache button in the Admin Bar, however accessing the Admin Bar Clear Cache button requires the Pro version of Quick Cache (which I’m not allowed to discuss here; please discuss Pro features here:

    Please update to the latest version of Quick Cache and let me know if you have any issues.

    See also:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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