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  • I used this successfully to import a blogger to WP but am not ready to fully make the move and made posts after my import to the blogger. I want to upload those few posts and see where the FAQ’s seem to indicate I should be able to do this if I “click the clear account information button” and then reconnect and re-import.

    I’m thrilled to see it’s an option to do what I need to do, but I cannot find this button or figure out what it means. Please help? Thanks!

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    At the bottom of the screen that shows the list of blogger blogs and counts there should be a message saying “Reset” and a big button below it captioned “Clear account information”.

    If you press that it should take you back to the start and you will need to re-authorise the importer, the import button for your blog will then be re-enabled and you can re-import, it will skip over the posts already imported.

    Is this in the blogger dashboard area? I’m not seeing the reset you speak of here at all; below my blog titles and counts is my google reader feed, and below that is only the Help Center type links. I’ve clicked on several drop-down menus in case it’s just an issue of a more updated blogger, and went to the one specific blog I’m transferring to see if it’s on that page, and still don’t see it. I checked my WP plugins page to see if maybe you meant there.

    Sorry for the trouble! Do you possibly have a screenshot? Thank you for taking the time to answer! I appreciate it!

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    Sorry, it’s not easy to put screenshots in the support forum.

    I’m talking about the WordPress dashboard, not the Blogger dashboard.

    You need to be in your new WordPress site, tools -> import, select blogger. If you are prompted to autorise then you are already there. If you see a list of blogs then press reset and you will be taken back to the authorise screen.

    The button to import your blog will be re-enabled at that point.

    Ah, thank you, I am new to the workings of WP past the basics of posting. I did find the button, but something is messing up at the “grant access” point with blogger. It’s probably a blogger issue if I was to guess. I’ll keep playing with it; thank you!

    It’s still doing this same thing. I’ve cleared the account and go to activate again, then click authorize… and it tells me this page can’t be found. Gives me a map to my own site and is inside my site template. I just want to pull the last few posts from my old site. 🙁

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    If it’s just a few posts you might be better manually transferring them.
    I’ve searched for that form of error and the cases where it’s happened with other plugins it’s to do with permissions from your server to google. For example some people using the webhost “HostGator” got the same kind of error with the social plugin.
    You might get better error messages explaining what is wrong by using the latest beta but this does not sound like an error we’ve coded for.

    One of the things I did was delete the plugin, download the new one, and reinstall before running again.

    *sigh* It’s going to be around 5-10 posts (at least, depending on when my graphics package is complete) that I’ll need to transfer, and I was hoping to keep the dates. I’ll keep playing, or look for a different tool that might do it for me.

    Thanks for your help!

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