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  • Plugin Author johncadams


    I took a look at your site and it doesn’t appear that the CleanPrint plug-in is activated. I’m not seeing our JavaScript on the following URLs:


    Can you confirm?


    sorry .. you are correct .. i have deactivate the plug-in after i find out that cleanprint not shown anything ..

    Now its activated and set up

    You could check now ..


    Plugin Author johncadams


    It took me a while but something has altered the anchor element in such a way to break the HTML around the buttons:

    <a href=”.’ onClick=’CleanPrint();return false’…

    Notice the double quote on the left and a single quote on the right of the href attribute.

    I’m guessing some other plug-in is causing this, can you try the following for me:

    * Give me a list of the plug-ins you are running
    * Turn the other print button back on (print friendly?)

    I want to understand how the other print button wasn’t affected so we can workaround the issue in our code.


    here my list of my plugins i run on my page:

    * CalPress Event Calendar Version 1.3.0
    * CleanPrint Version 3.0.0
    * Fast Secure Contact Form Version
    * Google Analytics for WordPress Version 4.2.4
    * Google XML Sitemaps Version 3.2.6
    * Link Library Version 5.4.8
    * Maintenance Mode Version 5.4
    * Print Friendly and PDF Version 3.0.8

    I have activate Print Friendly and PDF Version 3.0.8

    Okay now CleanPrint and Print Friendly and PDF activated

    Plugin Author johncadams


    I tried to install and activate each of your plug-ins and could not reproduce the behavior. Can you try deactivating each plug-in and see if the CleanPrint buttons appear?

    I’ll start putting together a workaround for you.


    i activate and deactivate each plugin for checking which one of them should work …

    * Google Analytics for WordPress Version 4.2.4

    if this plugin is active the buttons will not be shown on my page.
    The other plugins.. are okay..

    I’ll get the buttons from CleanPrint shown.

    At the moment all plugins are enabled / activated again …

    Plugin Author johncadams


    I now can reproduce the defect from the GA plug-in. If you unset the option “Track outbound clicks & downloads” the buttons will also reappear.

    Sometime today I’ll update our CleanPrint plug-in with a workaround.

    Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.


    thanks for searching …

    I activated now your plugin ..

    and deselect temporary “Track outbound clicks and downloads” from the plugin Google Analytics for WordPress.

    all three icons are now shown …

    by the way ..

    Is this correct, that you want to made an pdf of one click – on one topic you receive more than 6 bottles to an pdf ?

    Thanks and waiting for a workaround

    Plugin Author johncadams


    The 3.1.0 plug-in is available with the fix for GA.


    where to download … Under Plugins-Update where no new versions avaible for CleanPrint..

    And on WordPress.or i could found 3.0.0


    i have downloaded Version 3.1.0. It works

    All three buttons where shown.

    It works also with the Plugin Google Analytics for WordPress with the option under Settings “Track outbound clicks & downloads” <- I activated this and reloaded the page ..

    Yes the three buttons are their.

    thanks so much …

    You could close this request

    I am having the same issue and tried the same fix as above. Since the latest update, the cleanprint button will not display on any of my posts, pages, or tags.

    My website is

    Edit: Until I get word on a fix, I have reverted back to version 3.0 of the plug in, which fixed the issue.

    Plugin Author johncadams


    3.1.1 has the page exclusion feature disabled. Let me know if you’re working again.

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