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  • Hi.

    Im looking for a clean user registration solution for wordpress,
    that does not use the wp-login.php or access to the backend.

    The user should register with a form on the website,
    username and password they can choose themself
    error message if username exists or password to short,
    if all okay the user should be transferred to there personal account
    perhaps email validation is needed.

    This personal page they can upload there avatar.
    I need this for wordpress mu, i want a simple user registration + avatar upload
    with after they made a profile can post and do stuff on all the wordpress mu blogs I run.

    Is this possible with plugins, hacks or do i need to code this custom?

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  • I don’t think that any one plugin is going to provide this for you out of the box. But with a combination of a few plugins, and a bit of customization, you should be able to pull it off.

    I haven’t tried it before, but Theme My Login looks like it would make the registration and login process match your site.

    For enhancing the registration process, I really like Register Plus. The avatar should be easy, there are a few plugins for that, like Add Local Avatar.

    If you want really fancy user profiles, have you considered BuddyPress?

    Thanks for the reply,

    Yes i have considered buddypress but the problem is it so big and i only use certain portions.
    I try it one more time maybe i can use my own custom template and only use the buddy press features i need.. like the forums

    Yeah, since BuddyPress is just a few plugins, you could activate just the functionality that you want.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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