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    I think the plugin is quite helpful with linking both my websites forms and my Zapier tools, however I would like to know more about something:
    I found an unattended website that had about 600K+ entries in the LOG page, however this is making the website run extremely slow and occasionally crashing. I would like to clean those logs that go as far back as 2020, and keep the 2023 ones. However, I wouldn’t like to lose them all, but find a way to clean in mass by selecting years or months to clean. Since, all I have is a list with over 29K pages, where I can only clean every 20 entries, and it’s extremely time-consuming. Is there any other way to do this process more efficient, please?

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    We will add the sorting option to the log page in the future. It is on our to-do list. For now, please use phpMyAdmin or similar tools, open the adfoin_log table, and delete rows that you don’t want to keep. Each row represents a log in the log table. There are some database manipulation plugins too, which you can use.

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    Thanks for the help. I could successfully delete many of the entries, and disabled the LOG, it was using over 1.2GB on said database. Perhaps on a next release it would be useful a “nuke” feature, to delete the whole list of registers. 🙂

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