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    I have a multisite install and had to get rid of Buddypress and the Role Scoper plugin because they added too much noise and mess. But – still there is som mysterious tables and rows in my database. I need to know if any of these are not ‘pure wordpress’ (multisite) can be dropped:

    groups_capability, groups_group, groups_group_capability, groups_user_capability, groups_user_group, bp_xprofile_meta, lydl_posts, lydl_posttimestamp, omn_messages, omnn_unread.

    Further, inside my second blog in the multisite, the table 2_options have a lot of rows starting with: _bbp_xxxx

    And, inside my main (multisite) blogs option table, I find a lot of rows starting with:
    scoper_X, bp-X-X and _bbp_X.

    Can I safely first empty all this rows and then delete them? These tables and rows are not “pure WordPress”, are they?

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  • Moderator t-p


    whatever you decide to do, Make sure you backup your database before doing any actions, just in case.

    Oh, be sure, actually, I am backing up my database and all config settings and htaccess every day ….

    But, really, are there noone here who knows WP-databases? I really would love to know if any of the tables and rows mentioned are “pure” wordpress or not.

    Moderator bcworkz


    The Database Description should cover what’s “pure”. What you list sounds like leftover cruft to me, but I’m not that familiar with multisite. Then if you have current plugins that create tables, sleuthing out those would require some code reading.

    I hate plugins that don’t clean up after themselves, but one needs to give them a chance by using the plugin panel delete link instead of just killing them off via FTP.

    Thanks, bcworkz. Just as I thought, the “groups_X”-tables doesn’t belong here.
    And the data inside options does not have any rows under _bbpXXX

    I suspect that all these data must be leftovers from Buddypress. I think it is on time to drop some tables and some huge amounts of rows now…

    I did it. Dropped all the tables and deleted all rows with strange prefixes.

    And everything went fine.

    In case you are trying soemthing similar: remember to always backup DB before doing anything. And backup during the different stages as well.

    I solved my problems.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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