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  • I love the clean simplicity of this theme. Bells and whistles are fun but when you want your clients to be able to read the information clearly and utilize that information, this is a good choice.

    My only complaint is that getting assistance for questions and issues is slow to non existent. Most of their topics with this template are unresolved. I had to go to another template with better support and more documentation.

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  • Hmm, I wanted to use this theme in production for my new web site due in a couple of weeks. What is wrong with the theme?? Anything I should know about now before I go live?

    I await your reply if possible, thanks!

    Theme Author Griden


    @crystalbasics 2 star review seems to be based on the fact that I didn’t provide free support for her here at

    We offer a paid membership for $59 which includes all of our themes and customer support at our website


    Hi KD35, it is a good theme, but apparently, even though there is a support forum, no one answers questions or offers assistance. No where does it say there is not assistance available and no where does it imply payment is needed to receive assistance. Even a response to one of my questions stating that I could purchase the theme version and receive support was not given. Me and others on the board were basically just ignored. There were also other issues that just did not fit my website needs. I was able to find another template who is happy to assist anytime it is needed that works much better with my website. I suggest Griden you work on your customer service or at least be upfront with what you do and do not offer. Thank you.

    Theme Author Griden


    @crystalbasics I didnt see your request as I do not monitor the support forums here constantly.

    Rating my theme as 2 stars because I didnt respond to your forum post is a little mean don’t you think?

    People provide themes here for free – you shouldn’t expect instant customer service and then retaliate with a poor review because you didn’t get what you wanted.

    Three…….three requests 🙂 You made the theme, you really should monitor it because people are depending on you, the themes creator, to help them with issues. No where does it state you only help with issues if they pay you to do so. My first suggestion would be to make that very clear in the written information/details when someone downloads your theme.

    I initially rated your theme 5 stars. With each subsequent request for help and each one being ignored, I lowered the rating due to your lack of assistance. That sir, is my right. You will not bully me for it. It was not a retaliation, as you put it, it was an honest and true indication of my experience. That is what a rating means. Someones honest opinion of the product.

    If you read the review, I also give you good comments. Don’t get mad with me for being honest. Reviews are designed to help creators improve. 🙂

    Theme Author Griden


    @crystalbasics three requests for help customizing the the theme, not even issues with the theme itself – you were expecting free help and when you didn’t get it you were petty and vindictive.

    The theme review system is for reviews of the theme, not retaliation when you don’t get your own way.

    I am quite happy to help with issues with the theme when I check the forums, unfortunately I also have to work to earn money instead of providing free support 24 hours a day for people like you.

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    You are young. Just remember, others are reading your replies too and are making judgments based on your, the theme author’s responses. I have not called you names. I only put out an honest review of my experience.

    I will be happy to write another review and include your recent responses on this thread to my inquiry if you think that will help others make an informed decision? No name calling was necessary. No disrespect was necessary. Did you know that someone who is not happy with customer service tells at least ten other people? Those who ARE happy with the service only tell one or two. You, sir, by your disrespectful nature and name calling have made someone unhappy and this will be passed along to others.

    This will be my last response to you. I will write another review instead. Good day.

    Theme Author Griden


    And I haven’t called you names either – I just pointed out how mean-spirited it is to use the theme review system as punishment because I didn’t help you customize your website for free.

    Good day!

    Theme Author Griden


    Please could a mod look at this thread.

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    It’s a review and there’s nothing here that needs a moderator’s input.

    *Drinks last of coffee*

    Reviews here are feedback. Nothing more and nothing less. This isn’t eBay or Amazon reviews or what have you. You don’t need a perfect score and people do read the reviews. You replied and that’s that.

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