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  1. eeella
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hello, I'm struggling with the permalinks of my web portfolios.

    I have a hosting were I have a subfolder with a wordpress installation (mydomain1/folder1)

    Then I have another domain (mydomain2.com) that I would like to link with clean permalinks mydomain2.com.
    The host of mydomain2 is not big enough to host wordpress so I modify .htaccess, played with dns, change the site address in General settings but doesn't work for me.

    Either stop working or I get the permalink mydomain1.com/folder1/...
    the further step that I figured it out is redirection, when i write mydomain2.com
    I get mydomain1.com/folder1/home
    but I need mydomain2.com/home

    Is it possible?

    Thanks a lot
    All the best

  2. You can't with your setup. You can map a domain if WP was installed in mydomain1.com, but since it's in mydomain1.com/folder1/ it doesn't work at thsi time.

    You would need to move it to mydomain1.com

  3. eeella
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Ok, thanks a lot.
    Then if I understand right I would Need to do:

    1. WP Installation in root folder (mydomain1.com)
    2. Install the MU Domain Plugin to be able to do multidomain
    3. Configure the instructions (http://www.wpwebhost.com/using-multiple-domains-with-wordpress-mu/)

    4. Then if Ím right I will be able to get Domain mapping from mydomain1.com/folder1/home to mydomain2.com/home

  4. 1. yes.

    2. Yes

    3. Not exactly, that post is out of date (you can use SubFOLDERS now, not just subdomains)

    4. No, you'll be mapping mydomain1.com/sitename to mydomain2.com

  5. eeella
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Ok, so with that method I will only get a plain domain redirection?

    ex: If I click projects (mydomain1.com/projects)
    it will not link mydomain2.com/projects just mydomain2.com


  6. Correct, mydomain1.com/projects will appear as mydomain2.com

  7. eeella
    Posted 2 years ago #

    So, it will be the same than if I do a invisible redirection from my Domain Provider?
    Then from mydomain1.com/page1, mydomain1.com/page2, mydomain1.com/page3 I will have mydomain2.com

  8. I don't understand that particular question.

    You have to map ONE site to a domain, so the whole site of mydomain1.com/projects will load as mydomain2.com

    This does NOT impact, in any way, mydomain1.com/posts or mydomain1.com/pages

  9. eeella
    Posted 2 years ago #

    My last post was a bit confusing, sorry.

    This is the real example:
    This is my hosting domain where I hace this two sites:

    1. http://unadecuarto.com/efrenparra
    2. http://unadecuarto.com/miminut

    The I have the domains:

    1. http://efrenparra.com
    1. http://miminut.com

    Now the situation is:

    1. Has a visible redirection made in the domain provider. So when you put in the browser http://efrenparra.com you will be redirected to http://unadecuarto.com/efrenparra and the when you go to the pages or posts inside the site http://unadecuarto.com/efrenparra/portfolio_page/out-about/.

    2. In this other case when you write http://miminut.com in the browser you will be redirected to http://unadecuarto.com/miminut
    but in invisible mode. Also and option from domain provider.
    The problem then for me is taht I don't have permalinks for the pages/ posts in the site always the direction is http://miminut.com.

    The question is. If I it's possible this level of mapping were I will exchange:

    So you hide the hosting domain but there are specific permalinks for pages and posts

    Thanks so much!

  10. 1. Then you didn't MAP domains. You have to park the mapped domain on your ORIGINAL domain, so if you go to http://efrenparra.com it shows http://unadecuarto.com/ - NOT http://unadecuarto.com/efrenparra

    This is important, you map the domain to where WordPress is installed, not to the subsite.

    2. You have to edit the post content, using a plugin like https://wordpress.org/plugins/velvet-blues-update-urls/ to change them from the old URLs to the new ones.

  11. eeella
    Posted 2 years ago #

    The content and the installation of both sites is in a subfolder inside of unadecuarto.com host. So the direct link is http://unadecuarto.com/miminut

    With the velvet-blues plugin it will be possible to relink and hide the http://unadecuarto.com and only see http://miminut.com?
    From documentation of the plugin I understand that works when you move content and needs to be relinked


  12. The content and the installation of both sites is in a subfolder inside of unadecuarto.com host. So the direct link is http://unadecuarto.com/miminut


    You cannot map the MAIN site, you can only map the CHILD site. So you will be doing two things:

    1) park the new domain http://miminut.com on top of http://unadecuarto.com - The goal is to have the new domain pull up the content from unadecuarto.com - NOT the subsite. If it sends you to the blog creation screen, that's okay too.

    2) Install the domain mapping plugin and tell it to map http://miminut.com to whatever site number miminut is.

    3) THEN you use velvet blues on the miminut site to change any internal post links.

    You may not have WP itself installed in a subfolder if you want this to work, which is what I said back in the beginning.

  13. eeella
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Great! :) Thank you very much!
    Everything it's much clear now,
    I will try to do it

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