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  • I know what you’re going through…hope someone will have an answer.

    not sure if this is exactly what you’ve experienced as well. I am pulling out my hair trying figure out ways around it. but may just end up buying another hosting package everytime I need to launch a new site. here’s my dilemma:

    I have 3 domains:,,

    Installed WP on:

    Root = A domain
    Root/sub-dir-B = B domain
    Root/sub-dir-C = C domain

    WP-admin works fine when I use:

    however, or C/wp-admin also seems to pull up /

    And when a user visits “” or “” it’s all good, they get taken to the respective WP-sites and sub-dir, but if the user types “ or” they get taken back to the Root, which is “”.

    Yes, I’ve tried redirects, both HTTP, and Directory specific. The results were either 404, or themes completely disappear from or seems to be the dominant. Tried http.access, only breaking everything altogether. also tried ‘settings’ in wp-admin to point to dir, 404 again.

    The desire is to have multiple domains all pointing to their respective sub-dir, without user having to type in the entire “” to get there. user should just type in, or to get the correct redirect.

    Tech support was zero help, and scoured the web for answers, nothing either. So ended up buying new hosting packages everytime for new wp sites.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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