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  • I need help to clean up the site of old things like plugin installed and then removed.

    example .. if I install a plugin and then remove also asked me to delete the files for the plugin but then reinstall the plugin or that is in conflict with the medisimo is as if the plugin was always installed restoring all of the content it associated.

    so I came up with that could be the result of not cleaning DataBase or some sort of cache site .. or something else?!?

    then ask for help to figure out how to remove these tracks and do a proper cleaning.


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  • You’ve found what’s a “standard” thing in a lot of WordPress plugins. They don’t clean out their data from the database when they are deleted/removed. While there’s ways to do this most plugin developers don’t do this and there’s a couple of reasons why. First, some people don’t know about these functions so don’t use them. Second they know about them but are to lazy to implement them. Thirdly, they know that people can install then uninstall then install again and they want to keep the data available for when people do that. I’ve seen a few people on the forums here complaining that the data was removed when they removed a plugin and re-installed it, so plugin authros are going to get complaints no matter which way they do it.

    There are some database cleaning plugins that are available, so I’d suggest that you try a coupel of these out ot see which one/ones work for you. Remember though – always do a complete backup of your database before you run anything like this… just in case.

    You can try the Clean options plugin, but

    always do a complete backup of your database before

    and keep attention. Google about options those you want to delete.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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