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  • I am pleased to announce my first ever plug-in for WordPress, “Clean Archives”. It is a simple plug-in designed to display your archive listings in a clean and uniform fashion. It lists the Month / Year (links to that months archives), the day of the month the article was published, the title of the article (permalink to article), and the number of comments that have been made on each article. It also hides password protected articles from showing up in your archives list.

    You can see it in action on my archives page.

    For more info and download visit

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  • Great plug-in Shawn!

    Glad you guys are enjoying the plug-in.

    @whooami: Thanks for the kind words on my design. I appreciate it.

    Thanks for making this plugin shawn. I’m using it as a workaround to fix Blix protected post bug.


    Your welcome. Glad you are getting some use out of it.

    I’m using the Blix theme. The only difference I noticed with this plugin and Blix is addition of the day of the month to the left of each post title (something I’d rather not have anyway). Is there any other difference or advantage?

    Fixed. Now protected posts are hidden from the Blix archive, too.

    pezastic, I’m not sure but I don’t think so.


    Since you are already using Blix then probably not. I made this so that people not using Blix could have some nice looking archives.

    Thanks Sebestian, that was fast. I will switch back to Blix native archive pages as soon as I get back home. Thanks again Shawn, I hope you won’t have any hard feelings for not using your plugin.


    Of course not. Read the post right above yours. This was thrown together for people that may not be using Blix but want similar look and feel for the archives page. Simple as that 🙂

    oh! I might have kept the thread open in the browser for too long without refreshing. I missed your last post Shawng, sorry about that.

    Haha, thats ok Suman. No worries.

    Thanks for the plugin, I love it. Nice and neat. 🙂


    I’m glad you are enjoying the plug-in.

    There has been a small update to the plug-in to keep future posts from appearing in the archives. So if that is an issue for any of you, please re-download the plug-in.

    Could this be modded to display nice archives for each category, each author and each post title ?

    I’m getting errors from this, and the database that’s appearing isn’t the one for wordpress but that of my referrer script. Can someone help?

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 35 total)
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