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    When updating our company website last year, we chose to use WordPress over other options for it’s ease of use and wide-ranging theme options. Among the top 5 we selected from hundreds of possibilities, the Appointment theme was one of them. It stood out as a top choice for it’s clean and professional design, and in the free version(s) showcased many options which were simply great to work with.

    I ported over the data from our old website and within a week or so was able to have my ideal website more-or-less prepared before officially launching it. Premium features allowed greater customization and for a very affordable price, which included updates for a full year, I didn’t think twice about paying for premium. To this day I have no regrets whatsoever for many reasons: ease of use, wide customization options, a sleek and modern look, and amazing support.

    Initially I did not consider using the support since it was easy to use the features of the theme, that somebody with no coding or webdesign experience (me) was able to realize his vision with it. But over time little things, such as: formatting, small changes to sliding options, changing colors of backgrounds and fonts of sections in the homepage, etc. seemed to be limiting what I had envisioned. I googled the theme and what I wanted to change and stumbled upon Webriti’s support forum for their themes. I browsed using the search function and had already found some solutions and fixes for issues using Custom CSS codes they posted (including things I didn’t know I wanted). Finally, I made an account and asked my questions and within a couple days somebody responded with exactly what I needed to find. It was also fun to look at solutions offered to others and playing around with the code to best suit it for my purposes.

    If this review seems a little too much like brown nosing or fake, please believe me when I say that I am as satisfied with this theme and the support offered for it as I have stated. Even when I ran into an issue of malware being injected to my website, they offered links to help me remove it and locate the issue despite it not being the fault of the theme, but rather a plugin I was using (always use recently updated and high rated plugins). Could not recommend any more to anybody looking for a simple, modern website design.

    Thanks again,

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