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    I’m having a problem with the classyfrieds_single layout displaying correctly within the Avada theme I am running on WordPress. All other pages works as expected:

    until I go to the single layout then I get this massive white block with the actual listing way down the page:

    I have tried adding clear both in several places but to no avail.

    For some reason, within the wrapper div id on the single listings pages, the header, and the div class of row and logo coming from the Avada theme are given a height of 318, 318 and 287 px respectively.

    Not sure why this is happening or if this is even the issue or not.

    Thanks, Jmacd

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    Thanks for the report, I’ve heard rumours about this happening in some themes but haven’t been able to locate a theme yet with this problem. Now I’ve got one 🙂 It’s a pity that the AVADA theme is not in the repository, which makes it so much harder to troubleshoot !

    Is avada a paid theme or can you possible send me a copy for troubleshooting ?

    I’ll look into it ASAP and report back.

    Be sure to come claim your free commercial extension for this valid bug-report. (pick one from : and mail me at info -at- ).


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    without being able to see the source of the theme I can see that removing the 100% height from the logo apparently solves things.

    see screenshot :

    Makes we wonder if it is theme or plugin related.
    Will investigate further.



    This might be a further clue. Check out this url on my test site:

    Scroll down the page and you will see all the test listings in single layout with that same large white space above.

    I did not create a page called classyfrieds. I assume classyfrieds did this on its own as the plug-in is sort of a subset of wp blog categories (?).

    However, the other pages that classyfrieds created on its own–listings and add_a_listing–appear without including this /classyfrieds/ page or category or whatever in the url.

    Mean anything?



    Oh, and just to add a bit more info, the “maybe it’s a page and maybe it isn’t” page found at DOES contain the Avada theme code for the <div class=”page-title-container”> which the other individual single layout pages like DON’T.

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    It’s hard to troubleshoot when I don’t have the problem in my local environment. I am trying to find a theme that throws the same problem, but after dozens of themes I have yet to find a similar problem.

    There seems to be an Avada fix in the css part. Can you block out the 100% height on the wp-content/themes/Avada/css/all.css around line # 73 so it reads:
    /* height:100% */
    On my end this at least fixes all the styling issues, which is not to say I am happy with it.

    sidenote: on activation classyfrieds creates two page templates per WP guidelines that hold the single listing and the classyfrieds listings.
    This is done so we can include the classyfrieds sidebars regardless of theme-selection and layout.
    This should have no effect whatsoever on operation and layout as only on div-container is called named “classy_listing_main” and “classy_listing_single”.

    At this point I am leaning towards calling it an inconsistency in the Avada theme and not with classyfrieds.

    I realize you probably paid for the theme, but without access to it, I’m afraid there’s not a whole lot more I can do.

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