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  • I experienced this too. Had to fully delete the plug in and reupload the older version

    Makes sense.

    I’m hoping a fix will be released sharphish to save me having to do that. Although it is a business site so I can’t leave it broken for too long!

    Right now you “lbpModal” as secondary class. If you change to “lbp_secondary” in “other” tab it work? Does for me with your HTML, I copy and pasted. “cboxModal” does not work though. You can name that secondary class anything you like.

    After another test I think cboxModal works as well, heh. Went a bit too fast… I think you have setting problem.

    My classes for Flickr popup, now testing lbpModal class:

    <a class="lbpModal cboxElement"


    <a class="lbpModal"

    Somethign is missing. But I dont have 4 Lightboxes active 🙂 Does seem like you only have 1 Colorbox so that is something. No JS errors either but still.

    Notice rel="wp-video-lightbox" for Youtube popup. Is that from this plugin or WP-Video-Lightbox?

    May be you can test with same theme but less similar plugins?

    I wont bet on it but you dont really use Lightbox Plus for the video
    ? Is PrettyPhoto but then why cboxElement class? Conflict? May be you have to turn off all automatic injection of classes to make so many plugins work together, on same page at least.

    <a title="" href="" rel="wp-video-lightbox" class="cboxElement"><img alt="" class="video_lightbox_anchor_image" src="" style="opacity: 1;">
    <a href="" class="lbpModal"><img src="" alt="" class="alignnone">

    Other Lightboxes I can see are:
    Fancybox from Woo
    PrettyPhoto from Theme
    PrettyPhoto no. 2 from wp-video-lightbox

    Thickbox is also there 🙂 There are your 2 buttons, and a gallery in background. All works. Map is in secondary thingy.

    Plugin Author Dan Zappone


    For some reason, which I have yet to identify and I did not have the problem in any tests the plugin is not maintaining the secondary style. The default was originally lbpModal but I changed it to lbp_secondary. I am looking into the problem. You should be able to go to Secondary Lightbox Settings -> Other -> Secondary Class Name and change it to lbpModal and save you settings. It should then work again. Please let me know if it doesn’t save the setting or if after changing the setting the secondary lightbox no longer functions.

    This has worked, the window now opens in lightbox.

    Although the width and height can now no longer be adjusted (inputting values in both the width/height and inner width/inner height doesn’t seem to change anything at all).

    Which means the ‘product map’ no longer opens in a window of the ideal size, however this is a small niggle and I’m happy lbp is now working again!


    I tell a lie, I’ve managed to resize them now.

    Hey guys, I am having the same problem although it might be for different reasons.

    I am trying to put a lightbox vimeo video that will popup by clicking on a shortcode button. Is that possible? I am using the following code and have followed all the above steps but when I press the button it opens the video on a separate page!

    [button class="lbpModal cboxElement" rel="wp-video-lightbox" href="" text="Teaser" color="green" size="large" text-color=”#fff” bg-color=”#” align=”center” target=”_blank”]

    I have changed the secondary other class options to lbpModal and as it seems I have followed all other steps, what can be the problem?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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