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  • Does anyone know of a working classified plugin that I can use with wordpress, i want to allow users to post their own classifieds.

    Is there anything already out there?


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  • thanks for the reply, however junxter doesn’t seem to work, i’ve also tried Edgeio and also had no luck with that.

    Anyone else have any suggestions?


    What is with the recommendation of a non-working plug-in by a moderator? Are these plug-ins checked? I have seen junxter recommended more than once and see no evidence it works….



    There is no guarantee that plugins are checked, and I don’t believe there is any disclaimer to say they are. Let’s be fair here – with so many posts a day asking for plugins, the best one can really do sometimes is just to post what is available.

    I had a quick look to at Junxter just now, and it doesn’t look like the best choice, since a: the website is down, and b: you need the publisher key off the website for it to work.

    Just a quick googling for ‘wordpress classifieds plugin’ brought up WP Classified though. Do I guarantee it to work? No, but the author has said that it has been tested up to WP 2.5.

    Apart from some language difficulties in the install directions, the author has inserted a google adsense block in the middle – presumably referring to his account – without any warning. Also not clear how it works for users posting.
    I have two blogs where no-fee community listings would be appropriate. But the hidden adsense ads are a dealbreaker. Would be very happy to hear of something that worked.


    If you read the install directions you are instructed to change the adsense subscription to your own code. In addition, you can turn off the adsense all together or set which position your would like it to display.

    On another note, the WP Classifieds plugin doesn’t work and to date I have received no support for the plugin. I am hopeful that the author will update his plugin and fulfill his support obligations to the masses as the “404 Not Found” error I am experiencing is a fairly common occurance.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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