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  • Hi WordPress,

    I m looking for really profesional classified/directory theme for WordPress. Last days I found some themes, but I m really not sure about it, almost all looks very similar.
    Your recommendations will help much. Somebody maybe used more themes for this kind of website ?
    I m looking for really good theme, stable and updated theme, price for theme does not matter, the most important think is, that component is stable, updated, fast as it can be, simply, clear code, seo theme.

    I m little bit lost in this … because really all themes looks very similar, dont know which one is just copy of previous, from which one I can expect to continue working/updating and some futures.

    I prefer simply and fast theme than heavy slowly theme with so many function.
    Btw. I m new in wordpress and this is my first post here in forum 🙂

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  • esmi


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    Hi esmi, browsing in themes did not help, no one result for ”classified”.
    Searching in themes are very simply and results are not helpful.



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    In theory, any theme can be used for a classified/directory site with some customisation. Did you try all of the commercial vendors listed under

    If you mean if I tried about 100 themes, not 🙂
    You are right, that any theme can be used for classified/directory site, that I m new in wordpress (I developed website with Joomla), I dont know what is the better solution for speed, simplicity and working well.
    I m almost ”fanatic” for simplicity and fast loading of website, that is why I choosed WordPress instead Joomla, for me is WordPress more clean and fast and have nice modern looking.
    For my some new websites I need really good themes/plugins for classified/directory what will work well without any problems not just one month but for long time.
    So for me is important to choose stable good developer who really take care about theme/plugin, not developer who just copy some code and made theme/plugin and after few months he will stop work.

    Many thanks for your recommends

    btw. it is not resolved … Do wordpress have community forum or just this support forum ?

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    It sounds like you’ll need to hire someone for that sort of support.

    No, I dont need support, I need recommendation from community, users who use some classified/directories themes or plugins, so need some advice.



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    You could try looking in the plugins — and on their sub-forums:



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    Another place that might be helpful is the “Reviews” forum here:

    You might get an idea of themes that are/are not well supported.

    Any of the default WP themes are for sure well coded and well supported. As are these (just off the top of my head — there are undoubtedly many others — you can get a pretty good idea by reading the specific forums for themes):
    Responsive, Suffusion, Weaver II.

    No, I dont need support, I need recommendation from community, users who use some classified/directories themes or plugins, so need some advice.

    Here’s a great place for unlimited inspiration and ideas.

    classified directory themes plugins wordpress

    It will give you a chance to put your eyes on a lot of different designs, and hopefully, ultimately lead you to what your idea of a “really professional” directory listing type of theme might be. Taste is so subjective, that sometimes actually seeing different themes in action can sometimes change your ideas as you progress.

    Of course, one must use their head and display caution when considering downloading “free” WordPress themes or plugins at random from the internet, so I would recommend sticking to some of the more commercial suppliers of credible themes and plugins. Make sure you do a little research once you find something you like.

    The $50.00 you might spend for a professional theme that includes paid support and future updates is well worth the money.

    Thank you WPyogi, I will check it.
    I found some blogs and reviews on internet, but its more commercial then objectives reviews, yet I dont know much which sites about wordpress are objectives and stable … bc. I m new in WordPress.
    I love simplicity and speed of website, my first website with wordpress use Twenty Twelve theme, I like it, so simply, clean, good for seo, good for speed. This I use for my company website.
    For directory website need some extra functions, will check these class. plugins, maybe lighter than some commercial classified themes.
    Bc. what I understand … if I use plugin I can change more on website, with many themes …. other plugins, if I choose classified theme, then I will cutet little bit, what this theme can do.
    After few months … it is not easy to move all entries bc. some theme its not fit to me, so maybe can be better some plugin with some more works around it, but it will be more custome to fit my requirements.

    If you develope some directories or classified adds website, what you probably use ?

    ClaytonJames sure, you are right, I prefer if I pay 500 eur for good solution, than some garbage have free.
    These website need to be really profesionals from looking, also how it works, I checked that commercial plugins and themes are really in good level of price, so it is no problem.
    But also I found, that so many paid plugins are sometimes worste than free 🙂 and these are not so open than free, but really it is not about price on me, how I wrote on my first post here, I m looking for the best solution, not the cheaper.

    Thank you all for your tips, I will surfing next hours … days 🙂
    Good luck for now, see you soon 🙂

    Good luck!

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