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  • xptical


    Hi all,

    I have two questions.

    First, I currently have 2 servers with a hosting provider. Right now, my blog is on one and my official site is on the other. Both machines have 128MB of RAM. Would I benefit from moving both sites to the same Apache server and using the other box as a MySQL server? I could tune one for the best Apache performance and the other for the best SQL performance. Also, is it possible to use PostgreSQL (or MS SQL) vice MySQL?

    Next, I’m looking for a classified ads package for my official server. Right now, I’m between using WP with a custom theme to look like Craigslist…or something like that. Another suggestion was just to use PHPBB since everyone knows how BBs work. Personally, I’d like to see a standalone classified ads system written in PERL/PHP/RUBY/Python, or whatever else would work nice on a LAMP server. Does anyone know of a good classified ads server package? Or maybe a theme for WP to make it useful as a classified ads system?

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  • moshu


    1. Somebody hopefully can tell you more about servers – I don’t know much about them.
    What I know: WP works only with MySQL, no other DBs.

    2. Asking for a classified ads system – this is the wrong forum 🙂
    The basic working of all the themes is the same: they are not really a “system”, just the clothing on the WP engine.

    Pizdin Dim


    1. Like moshu said, WP only works with MySQL. To make it work with MSSQL, Postgress, Oracle, DB2, etc would certainly be possible with lots of code changes to the core. Also, I don’t think you’ll gain anything by moving Apache to one server and MySQL to another, unless you get major traffic. Even then I’d be sceptical.

    2. There are a few PHP-based classifieds scripts, including:

    Although, keep in mind they are in no way integrated into WP, so the way I would apprach it would be to first of all settle on my WP theme and then apply the same “look and feel” to whichever classifieds system I decide to use.



    This is the closest to Craigslist I’ve seen:

    Costs $150, though, but it includes email verification (no need to have separate user registration) and built-in Paypal.

    I am making a simple Classifieds Ads site using wordpress, maybe you are interedted to have a look

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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