Classic smilies in 2.9-rare (2 posts)

  1. I just noticed that the smilies in 2.9-rare have been replaced with the Tango/GNOME ones.

    Personally, I hate these. They're ugly, indistinguishable from one another, and totally unnecessary to boot. Especially since they were already available in plugin form for those people that wanted them.

    So if you agree, and are running the 2.9-rare version, here's a plugin for you that puts the old ones back.


    If 2.9 changes to break this plugin, I'll try to keep it up to date. And soon I hope to have the plugin in the Extend section as well, for automatic update purposes.

  2. Otto, I love this idea!

    Stupid question. If I wanted to change the images, but not lose them if you updated the plugin, how would one go about that?

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