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  • Although there are good things about the way you can be flexible with the block editor, the website I curate is full of the writing of people who barely understand email. My daily task is to take their article docs and turn them into something attractive to read on a smartphone.
    I rarely start with a blank post and compose in WP; I copy and paste the whole thing at once and format and edit as needed from there.
    So, for my needs, the new editor is nothing but a huge pain even though I’ve taken the tutorials to understand what the process is. I don’t get paid by the hour to convert 1,500 words into 10 new blocks–unless you want to pay my expenses?
    All I need from the WP developers for now is to continue to maintain the classic editor plugin until the next major reinvention that gets past all the fancy ‘efficient’ additions you’ve created and back to the basics. Or at least includes a standard basic option that allows for people like me to work most efficiently for my needs.

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  • Moderator James Huff


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    Currently, the Classic Editor plugin will be maintained until 2022:

    That time table will certainly be revisited over time, but it will never be decreased.

    Alternatively, stick with the new Block Editor and use the Classic Block:

    @celebrianne Also to add to what James said, WordPress is open source and if enough people use the Classic Editor, it will be maintained if not by officially than by some volunteers. If enough people use something, there’s always someone who maintains it, even if that’s for commercial reasons at times. 🙂

    And you don’t need to convert your text into Blocks, for two reasons:

    – Block Editor supports Classic block which allows you to use your old block content in a more familiar way.

    – You can also just paste your content and Block Editor will automatically convert it to blocks. In fact, it supports pasting from Google Docs or MS Word.

    Hope it helps.

    Thanks for getting back to me @macmanx . It’s good to know this option may stay available long term!
    I have tried to work with everything in a single block, @hardeepasrani, is this the same as “Classic” block? If so, I’m finding it impossible to use the control z undo function without losing everything I’ve done to that point. And as soon as I need to do something in another block, I can’t see how everything works together. I don’t want an editor so “simple” I have to find where I am again all the time.
    However, I really like that it allowed me to change the author assignment right in the sidebar. Pretty much everything in the sidebar is wonderful. It’s how clunky the copy-paste experience is for the main articles that drives me up a wall.

    Moderator James Huff


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    I’ve removed a few off-topic replies, let’s keep things on topic please.

    Also, please remember that the people on these forums aren’t punching bags for your rants.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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