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    I updated to WordPress 5.6 today and now when I try to add Youtube video links the video does not show up as it had before. When I add video into Guttenberg it’s fine.

    I did the plugin conflict test be switching everything off. It turned out it seems to be Classic Editor itself causing the problem. I tested this by switching everything of except Classic Editor and the problem persisted.

    Further to this, when I try a different method of adding a video, eg adding embed code to the “text” tab, this does work, but then I can’t seem to return to the “visual” tab and I then can’t add any other content.

    I’m working with an old site. Switching off Classic Editor seems to cause problems in other ways, so I could do with finding a quick solution to this.

    Any help greatly appreciated.



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  • There now seems to be a proper ticket on the WordPress development tracker. I hope this gets enough attention, so it’s fixed with 5.6.



    That was my hope when I created it 🙂
    But – which seems an almost identical problem, seems to be getting some love and is now marked as “has-patch”.

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    Thanks, @patkemper it is nice to be able to solve a problem in WP, then we can get straight on trying to solve the next one 🙂 Good luck in your endeavors.


    Old Graz

    I just recognized that embeds don’t work proberly in gutenberg 9.7.0 too (if I allow to switch editors). Youtube videos work but Twitter, Spotify, Issuu, .. just don’t. Those links result in an empty preview box. If I omit the “s” in “https” embed links create a preview, but this cannot be selected by mouse (you’ve got to use the block navigation or push some content arount the embed, then you can select it).

    If I disable Classic Editor everything is fine, apart from the fact that I would actually like to continue using it ..

Viewing 4 replies - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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