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    I am running a site on the latest version of WordPress 6.0.2, with Divi theme. All plugins are up to date and I’ve already checked for conflicts and have come up with nothing.

    All three users on this site are all admin level. I created the site. There is one client and one “test” admin account I created.

    The problem client is having is that when she edits a page using the classic editor (not divi editor) as of about 3 days ago only – the format icons in the classic editor for things like font color, strike out, symbols, etc. (everything on the 2nd line of the format options menu) is missing for client, but not for me.
    This is a new problem she has not had in the past. So something happened.

    I had her clear browser cache, and I set up test account to see if I can replicate the problem, which I can on the new account only. On my regular account, I have not problems.

    I checked different browsers, I checked all plugins for conflicts, I reinstalled WordPress, I tried using the block editor… I also verified that all three “users” on this site have the same exact permissions and user-settings. Nothing solves the issue for the client.

    I would think perhaps it has something to do with the age of the user account but that can’t be since client’s account is older than mine, so the fact it’s behaving the same way as the new “test” account I created is confusing.

    Any ideas why these formatting menu items/icons show for me but not for any other account? Works for me regardless of the browser or device I use. Same devices and browsers but using test account and I have the same problem client has.


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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • How do you activate the Classic Editor? Do you use the corresponding plugin or does Divi provide that as an option? (the latter I can not judge because I know Divi only from the name because it is a commercial product)

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    Hi threadi,

    I have a “classic editor” by WordPress Contributors installed.

    I’m afraid I can’t reproduce that. Can you show a screenshot of it? If only the icons are not to be seen, some plugin (also Divi) could interfere here. Therefore deactivate all plugins to test this.

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    I added a screen shot in the original thread up above, click it and you will see two screen shots from same site – each one I was logged in as different user. One has all the formatting options, the other doesn’t.

    I have already disabled all the plugins and found nothing that helped. I have not switched themes since that will break the site and be a pain to put back. But if it were the theme – why would it happen for some, but not all users? Makes no sense. Here’s the link to the screen shots:


    What happens if you click on this button?

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    AH HA HA HA HA. OMG. Ok, so, you solved the big mystery! I’m laughing out loud at how I did not notice that. No wonder nobody else on the planet was having this same problem… because it’s really not a problem.

    But I thank you for your time and for seeing what I clearly overlooked!



    Glad if I could help. You are welcome to set the topic to solved.

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