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  • Hi, I have been a woocommerce user for a while now. In an attempt to speed up my site I have installed a plugin called WP Fastest Cache. I understand that W3TC plays nicely with Woo but I have not used W3TC as I find the plugin to heavy for me and it has had problems in the past with buggy versions.

    Now when I activate the caching plugin it does not work until I turn off Woo due to the DONOTCACHEPAGE constant found here I believe – class-wc-cache-helper.php

    I have tried overriding this by adding <?php
    define( “DONOTCACHEPAGE”, “false”);
    ?> to my theme’s header.php but this causes Woocommerce to stop producing the pages/posts on the front end of the site.

    I know that each setup is very different but I would like to know if there is anything I can do to make these plugins work together? Please be very basic as I am no PHP developer…

    I use WC to only display products not sell them so don’t mind if the WC pages/posts get cached.

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