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    Hi there,

    Similar to my other post, in this html

    <div class="ufaq-faq-title ufaq-faq-toggle" id="ufaq-title-112" data-postid="HOM-112-0"><a class="ewd-ufaq-post-margin" href="http://ufaqs/advanced-skills/"><p></p>
    <div class="ewd-ufaq-post-margin-symbol ewd-ufaq-Square" id="ewd-ufaq-post-margin-symbol-HOM-112-0"><span id="ewd-ufaq-post-symbol-HOM-112-0">B</span></div>
    <div class="ufaq-faq-title-text">
    <h3 itemprop="name">Advanced Skills</h3>
    <div class="ewd-ufaq-clear"></div>
    </a><p><a class="ewd-ufaq-post-margin" href="http://ufaqs/advanced-skills/"></a></p></div>

    there are P tags with no class, would it be possible to get a class added to them?

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    Hi Mike,

    There’s no option for this. The only way would be to do it directly in the plugin code (keeping in mind that any changes made to the core plugin code would be overwritten if you update the plugin).

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