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  • razielreborn


    The following problem began immediately after upgrading to WP 3.5

    Server-Side Scripts that implement class-IXR to post to the blog via XMLRPC are being created in DRAFT mode rather than PUBLISH mode.

    When logged into the Dashboard and listing All Posts, they appear with the title “Auto Draft”.

    When then editing the Post, the title and Body are totally blank, albeit the tags are listed.

    And there is no option to change the type from Draft to Publish.

    When previewing the Post, however, the title, body and tags are all correct as per the data issued via class-IXR to XMLRPC for publishing.

    There is also no option in Settings for activating Post by XMLRPC as there was in prior versions.

    Again, these Server Side Scripts functioned perfectly until upgrading to WP 3.5.

    Plugins have been de-activated to test for plugin incompatability and the same problem occurs; therefore it is not a plugin conflict issue.

    Here is an example of one of the Server Side Scripts using class-IXR to XMLRPC:



    $title = ‘Title’;
    $body = ‘Body’;
    $topic = ‘Topic’;
    $tags = ‘tag1,tag2’;

    $ixr = getcwd() . ‘/httpdocs/wp-includes/class-IXR.php’;

    $client->debug = true;

    $content = array (‘title’=>$title, ‘description’=>$body, ‘mt_allow_comments’=>0, ‘mt_allow_pings’=>0, ‘post_type’=>’post’, ‘mt_keywords’=>$tags, ‘categories’=>$cat);

    $rurl = ‘’;
    $user = ‘user’;
    $pass = ‘password’;
    $params = array(0,$user,$pass,$content,true);

    $client = new IXR_Client($rurl);



    No WP Core Files have been edited.

    The script worked perfectly before upgrading to WP 3.5.

    Deactivation of plugins proved the problem is not caused by plugin conflicts.

    Any clues?

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  • razielreborn


    The problem has been resolved after re-installing WP 3.5 manually.

    A data transfer error had occurred during automatic upgrade from WP 3.4.2 to WP 3.5 due to a momentary DNS routing issue from the host data center.

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