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    I would like to style the author info on the testimonials page for this site. While there is provision for this in the widget I haven’t been able to locate an easy handle for the actual page.

    The most recent unsuccessful experiment is article#post-18 div.entry-content div span ~ p { font-style: italic;}

    How can this be accomplished?

    Thank you

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  • Plugin Author Jeff K


    Hey catwingz,

    The main content on that page is not generated from this plugin.

    When using the hms-testimonials shortcode/widget you can do:

    .hms-testimonial-container .author { font-style: italic; }

    I see you already have the hms-testimonials rotating widget in your sidebar set to italicize the author field.

    Ok, I am confused. You say the main content on the page is not generated from the plugin, and yet I am entering the content in the Testimonials section of the Admin that is created by the plugin. In the code the author info shows up in a paragraph tag. If it were entered in the page it would be easy for me to add a class. How is it that we can style the widget content, but not the page? There must be some way?!?

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    Can you show me the contents of your page? It should be a shortcode. Is it possible you are using 2 different testimonial plugins?

    Every testimonial is wrapped in a container class (.hms-testimonial-container) and then each section (author, testimonial, website, etc.) also has it’s own container so you can style it. The main content does not have any of this.

    Wow, I knew I needed a vacation. This is an epic case of faking myself out, but it’s going to have a happy ending.

    Ok, so part of the confusion has been coming from the text placed directly into the page, originally intended as a staging area for populating your plugin. This site has had a really drawn out timeline with a number of extended interruptions. I had forgotten the staging had ever occurred, believing I had completely switched to the plugin. Apologies for mixing you up in that.

    The good part is that now I have another page set up to finish out what I had begun. Your setup is an improvement, and I have *almost* everything styled to match the site now.

    There is one last thing I would like to change, and I don’t know if this is coming from the plugin or WordPress. The icon/bar in front of the blockquote is stubbornly grey. I would like to either change it’s color or replace it with a different icon. I have run out of time for the day to experiment with background images, the only thing I can think of that I see in my reading.

    Can you point me in the right direction for that? If not, I understand. Either way my client is going to be a happy HMS Testimonial user. Thanks for your patience!

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    Ha, yeah sometimes vacations are good. No worries on the mix up.

    As for your issue with the grey bar:

    Line 598 of your themes style.css ( .format-standard blockquote, .type-page blockquote, .comment blockquote ) is setting a thick border-left (not an icon). You can easily change the color on that line or even remove it.

    You can also use a ::before selector to set an icon before the content with CSS.

    Thanks, this was perfect.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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