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    Would you mind clarifying what you wrote here:

    Why doesn’t sorting by availability work?

    Don’t worry, it does 🙂 It’s possible to sort by stock, but this will work for parent products rather than using the stock available at the variation level. You can set this under Product Data > Inventory by enabling “Manage stock”. Set the available stock for all variations, and this will be used to sort the item. You can still manage stock at the variation level.

    I have both ‘simple’ and ‘variable’ products.

    Will my variable products also sort if I …

    (a) enable “Manage stock” of parent (top-level) via Product Data > Inventory tab (but leave “Stock quantity” zero, of course) and

    (b) enable “Manage stock” of variations via Variation tab drop-downs (and obviously add stock quantities here)?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Hey @craigrkirkby

    What this means is that the availability option will only recognize the value as noted in the parent product. If you set the parent product in a variable product to have no inventory (read as zero) but have the variations have inventory in stock the availability is still sorted by the parent stock level versus the variations’ stock levels.


    – Cais.

    Thread Starter Craig


    Hi Cais

    Thanks for your reply.

    Sorry, I’m slow on the uptake here 🙂

    So, if the parent product’s inventory is left empty (read as zero) and the variations have stock inventory, should the plugin show stock IS available?

    Eg Parent Inventory = Stock (empty/zero) – but Manage Stock selected
    Variation 1 = 4 in stock – Manage Stock selected
    Variation 2 = 3 in stock – Manage stock selected

    Sort by availability = 7 on the shop front/loop?

    I’ve installed the plugin and set the ‘sort by availability” but while the variable products have stock, the parent variable products are displayed below with the out-of-stock items.

    I.e even though there are 7 available at a variation level, the parent product is lumped with the single products that have zero stock.

    Is there a work around this?

    Thank you so much.

    Plugin Author SkyVerge


    Hey @craigrkirkby, I’m afraid not — we’re using pre-built queries to get products for sorting, so the parent product would have to have a total listed. While it’s possible to sort based on stock with the product variations, it would require your own query. We’ve intended this to add some simple sorting options, so getting into modifying this more heavily isn’t something we plan to add. The only work around at present is to also set the variable parent’s stock as well.

    Sorry I don’t have better news for you here!

    Cheers, Beka

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