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    Installed LITE version to take a look. I had already setup a CloudFront dist. as my CDN. When initially setting up main page for S3, I get:

    Yikes! That’s not a very SEO-friendly URL. We strongly recommend you configure a CDN to point at your bucket and configure a subdomain of example.com to point at your CDN. More info »

    Okay. This is why I wanted a CNAME/CloudFront used.
    I click the link for <more info>. It then details that I need to pick CloudFront as provider. But, “Cloudfront” is not an option. I have never seen “this is a feature only on paid version” in all your documentation/videos so far.

    Then found this on WP plugin main page:
    “Compare pro vs free → The video below runs through the pro upgrade features…”

    No it doesn’t. Yes: The video shows options I don’t see in lite/free version, but never says what the differences actually are, or what features Lite version doesn’t have. It’s just a video showing the paid version being setup.

    Instead of simply listing features available in Pro version versus Free upfront, you give us a video which doesn’t show the differences, or highlight them.

    You also have links to your documentation that tell us to do something that cannot be done under Lite version (I assume) and then do not explain why it isn’t there.

    Example from your documentation:
    By default the storage provider is used for delivery too, e.g. “Amazon S3”. We strongly recommend using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) instead to not only speed up delivery of media to your site visitors, but also improve SEO.

    Great! Yes a CDN is the way to go. Except you yet again fail to mention this is not available under the Lite/free version (again.. I assume).

    I can see you spent some time documenting your plugin and on how to set up CloudFront/S3 – which is wonderful.

    Why didn’t you spend a TINY bit more time showing a SIMPLE bullet list of ALL the features you don’t get with free version?

    You have wasted over an hour of my time today.
    You can assume I deleted it.

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Ahh a list.
    Maybe put that on the WP plugin page and condense it?

    You show:
    “Configure CloudFront or any custom domain name”
    >> works on both paid and free <<

    Then why do I not see an option for CloudFront under providers on free version?


    No option to pick CloudFront as provider and no option to add a CNAME.

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    Thanks for the feedback about the upgrade page, much appreciated.

    FYI, your screenshot is for the Storage Provider, which in your case will need to be Amazon S3.

    You can definitely use Amazon CloudFront in WP Offload Media Lite, it’s a Delivery Provider, which you configure after setting the Storage Provider.

    A Storage Provider is the service where the files are stored, e.g. S3.

    A Delivery Provider is the service used to delivery the files from the storage provider to the site visitor, usually a CDN service such as CloudFront, but can be direct from the storage provider too (the default until changed).

    The only difference between WP Offload Media Lite and WP Offload Media with regards to CloudFront is that the Pro version enables “Private Media” too.



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