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  • I have a client that I already have set up on a WordPress blog site. Now they want a second “sub-site” on the same domain. I’m thinking that this is what I can accomplish with multi-site, but I want to check and make sure how it will really work.

    More details:

    Their site is and the current WordPress installation is actually based at and I either auto-forward to that default location using .htaccess, or sometimes they want a non-WP splashpage at the root level, in which case I temporarily suspend the auto-forward.

    I want to leave their existing WordPress structure in tact so that all of their existing incoming links don’t break. But I’d like to add a “sub domain” or “add-on” blog for their side business. So their primary site will still remain at but their new second WP site would be something like or or or really anything else other than the primary url.

    The second WP-blog should look almost exactly the same, but that would probably just be done from setting them both up with the same template, right? But each site would have completely independent pages, posts, and navigation menus. And an admin or author should be able to log in and create/edit content on either site.

    So is this the way it can be set up to work?

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  • yes, except that you can’t give WordPress its own directory in multisite.

    See the requirements.

    Thanks. So I’ll be able to keep the original blog in its same place (maintaining incoming links), but what do you mean that I can’t give WP “its own directory”? I read that link and followed it to another page too. It sound like Multi-Site can not be installed anywhere except the root directory, which sounds like a problem in my situation since my existing blog is in the /blog/ directory. Those pages make it sound like I can’t do multi-site and still keep the original at /blog/ (to preserve incoming links). Right?

    I still want to do this “the right way” but since there will only be two WP sites on this domain, would it just be easier to leave the original install alone in /blog/ and simply install a 2nd but totally independent WP in /other/ and then give them the same theme and plugins. It may be easier to simply make a 2nd WP but it’ll probably be a hassle to do all maintenance twice, including users having to login separately. Just a thought.

    You can still use multi site. On the same codex page, see the permalinks section. The first site created will have an extra entry of ‘/blog/’, so if you import your posts there, they’ll still show up at the same place for incoming links.

    This of course assumes that you only have a blog page at /blog/ and you have no other subpages under it.

    Thanks for the help!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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