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  • So I’ve finished building my website from scratch and now that it’s up and published I want to make sure I don’t mess anything up moving forward (I’m new to this). I understand I *should* create a child theme but I’m still unclear on why and how.

    If I follow the steps to create a child theme, does it, essentially, make a copy of my site as it exists in its finished form or does it make a *blank* site and I have to start from the beginning again?

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  • It will copy everything from your original theme unless you overwrite it.

    There are 2 reason you need to use a child theme.

    First If the author updates the original theme you lose all of your changes.

    Second if you mess up the child theme you can just delete the file you screwed up and start over again without doing any damage.

    Ok, so just to be super-duper clear: it will copy my site as it exists NOW with all of my personalization, and not as the theme’s original template, i.e. without all of the changes?

    It will copy the theme but any changes you added to the theme like the header image. You will need to add back into your child theme. The style sheets and the support files will be copied.

    Ok. I guess.

    So I create a child theme alter it to match what is published then it ostensibly becomes a notepad to make changes to and then “apply” those changes to the published site?

    Yes make all your changes to your child theme. Never change the parent theme.



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    building my website from scratch

    did you build your own theme for that?

    if you haven’t based your site on a regularly maintained and updated theme (like the themes from, but built your own theme, then there is no need for a child theme.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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