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    My goal is to optimize all images in all folders in /public_html/ …. mainly for our forums that are at /public_html/forums/lots-of-random-folders. If I add /home/user/public_html/ to our folder optimization list in settings, will that automatically optimize ALL images in all folders and sub-folders and sub-sub-folders, etc. in /public_html/? Example: /home/username/public_html/forums/data/attachments/0, /home/alpinesc/public_html/forums/data/avatars/l/0, etc?

    Also, regarding bulk optimization, the author mentioned in another thread, “3. EWWW will also add all these images to your WP database, so I recommend having a dedicated WP install for this scan & optimize operation.”

    To clarify: Does this mean that if we have a large forum with lots of images we want to optimize in the same /public_html/ folder as our main site, we should create a new standalone WP Database and site, say on a sub-domain or similar for the sole purpose of running ewww to optimize all images on /home/username/public_html/? Just want to be sure I’m understanding this correctly ….

    Thank you so much!

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  • Plugin Author nosilver4u


    Sorry for the delay, with your other threads I lost track of this one. I think you’ve probably figured all this out, but here goes:

    The Scan & Optimize is recursive, so yes it will include all images in all sub-folders.

    With the ‘dedicated WP install’ recommendation from another thread, I think there may have been other circumstances in play there. If you have only a couple hundred thousand total images in /public_html/ there is probably no issue with that. And really it is up to you. The only potential problem is once the ewwwio_images database gets too big, it can start slowing down your uploads a little bit, but I think you were on dedicated hardware, so I honestly wouldn’t even worry about it.

    And your clarification was correct, unless the forum itself is run by WordPress. Then I would just optimize them with that particular WP install. You want to be careful with the Scan & Optimize and the Scheduled Optimization to be sure you don’t have it scanning folders of images that are already being optimized automatically on upload/creation. The initial Scan can be a little disk-intensive so it’s best to try and narrow it down to specific folders (which I think you may have done already).

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