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    I produce posts in Japanese. The plugin often tells me that my posts have too few words for SEO purposes. The thing is, that unlike languages that use alphabets (English, Russian, Greek etc.), languages written in Chinese characters such as Japanese don’t count words through space and punctuation delimiters, since spaces don’t traditionally exist in Chinese-based writing. Instead, length of text is counted in number of characters in the text, since it is often debatable what constitutes a “word” in a string of Japanese text. The plugin however, doesn’t recognize that character counts are what is used and tells me that I have only a tiny number of words, because it counts an entire string of Chinese characters as a single word.

    Is there any way that the Yoast plugin can produce a word count using CJK characters?

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  • Plugin Support Michael Tina


    Thank you for suggesting a new feature for one of our plugins! You are actually not the first to have requested this feature! That means a feature request is already created and is currently under review by our product team with regards to proper word count for Asian languages such as Japanese.

    What’s next?
    Our product team will assess feature requests in relation to other open bug reports and new features. Based on their assessment, the feature request will be given a priority. Our developers work on the highest priority first. Unfortunately, this means we cannot give you an estimate if or when they’ll start working on your request.

    If you have any further information that may affect the prioritization, please feel invited to reply to this email.

    Thanks for your response Michael. I look forward to seeing this feature in a future version.

    Dear @mikes41720 please don’t write the problem is resolved when it isn’t. This is an actual problem and not a new feature request. The count is currently wrong. Removing people’s bug reports shouldn’t be allowed here. Can a mod from the WordPress team look at this?

    I love using the Yoast plugin but just wish you used the support area properly.

    WordPress Guideline: When you’re done, please mark your topic as “Resolved”. This issue still exists so please don’t mislabel reports.

    @dburbridge I am one of the people that reported the same problem about 2 or 3 years ago. You might have reported the same bug as my thread was mislabeled as resolved when it wasn’t. The Yoast team set a programmer to fix the problem maybe a year back but started writing “Please inform the customer of conversation #xxxxxx when this conversation has been closed.”

    I’ll see if I can find the page with original bug report.

    I sent sample code just on counting characters originally but I would just include a conditional statement based on the page language now that either counts words or characters based on the language set. It’s not difficult to implement but I hope someone can add this to the plugin soon.

    This link shows maybe the longest post connected to the character count problem.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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