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  • Hi there,

    CiviCRM now has a version for WordPress. I run a tiny nonprofit that I started and really don’t have much in the way of IT skills. I’ve gone through the installation instructions on the civiCRM website and am really confused, and was wondering if anyone had started using this and what their experience on wordpress was.

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  • I have set this up for mmall non-profit and am getting some help from the CiviCRM developers in sorting out some issues. I can probably help you with the installing and initial integration if you still need the help.

    I have CiviCRM set up in Drupal and I’d like to move it to WordPress. How is it working for you? Any hints on using it in WordPress? How’s it going??

    I have CiviCRM installed on a couple of WordPress sites. I am still confifuring it on both sites, so have not started actually using it to manage my constituents. However, so far, I am happy to have this option finally available for me to use on WordPress, and I think it will bring me the versatility I needed on my wordpress installs, to help me manage my constituents. I have also set up a forum to centralize some of the issues I am facing as I configure CiviCRM on WordPress.

    I will be putting up more information on the issues I have already faced so far, onto that forum.

    Hello there,

    I’m working in Belgium for a non-profit organisation. We have build our new website – – with WordPress.
    We want to use a CRM to manage our Member-Activities-Events-Comunication -Donation, …
    A new collega told me about CIVICRM and his “social touch”. The demo site of is al little bit cheap. Could you guide me to other demo or fonctionnal WordPress-Civicrm project?

    Joshua, I saw one of you site – – wich is using civicrm (Donation page). Does Civicrm require other plugins for the integration in WordPress?
    Do you have other “demo site” with Event Registration exemple?

    Thankyou for your help.



    The site you referenced is the site on which I am most heavily using CiviCRM. I do have CiviCRM installed on my primary business site at, although there is really no front-end functionality for you to look at there. However, on that site, I have started a community forum to discuss and get further support on the integration of CiviCRM with WordPress. CiviCRM does no require any additional plugins to work with WordPress.

    I know that the official CiviCRM support forums reference a number of other functional CiviCRM-Wordpress integrations that you can take a look at. You will have to dig around the forums though to find the demos. I will set up on my site, a forum for people to list their demos of functional CiviCRM-Wordpress integrations. Perhaps you can also list yours there as well.

    Good luck.



    A space for Demo on your Forum is a good idea. When our site and Civicrm is ready, I will list it on it with pleasure.
    Thank you for your help



    I have created the Demo forum and have listed HIV/AIDS|Zimbabwe Charity INC and explained how I am using CiviCRM on that site. So you can take a look at that here.

    Hi there,

    I know is a very basic question, but i need you help please.
    Basically our charity has already an account with wordpress, and we would like to start using CiviCRM and use wordpress to hosting it but we don’t know if we need a new account or extend it and how much would it cost?

    Thank you for your help

    No, you do not need a new account. You just need to create a new database for your CiviCRM installation, on the same account on which you have WordPress. Install CiviCRM as a plugin for your WordPress installation. Post further questions at

    Thanks for that
    But would it cost us anymore?

    No it will not cost you anything more

    Hi guys
    Installing CiviCRM on wordpress PLEASE HELP got trouble with file permission localhost/ htdocs / (AXMPP)
    I’ve gone through the installation instructions on the civiCRM website
    Even after setting my permissions to full just won’t work and still
    grey’d out
    screenshots on Flickr

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