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  • Hi Christian,

    Merry Xmas.

    We have the CiviCRM Contact “Soft Delete” option enabled, but when I did a permanent delete on a contact. It didn’t change their memberships status in WordPress.

    So, basically we had a deleted member who still had access to our site.

    I thought membership will be disabled when they are soft deleted or permanently deleted, is that not the case?



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    Just like to add to this:

    Tried something else tonight and I wondered if it may be connected to the above issue.

    We had a CiviCRM member that was successfully synced to WordPress. We had issues with the CiviCRM contact record so we deleted it started and a fresh, we didn’t delete the already sync’d user in WP.

    We created a new member record, identical details and set member status to active. The existing WP user didn’t switch role to be allowed access to our portal. We had to delete the WP user and manual resync for it actually display the correct role as an active member.

    Is this expected behaviour?

    P.S If the answer to my query above is that it should change WP role on permanent deletion. I wonder if it’s possible that we delete the CiviCRM record previously, and recreated it and that’s why no updates are happened when we hard deleted the CiviCRM contact record this time around – if that makes sense?!


    Plugin Author Christian Wach


    @sjparker This sounds somewhat outside this plugin’s scope. This plugin listens for changes to a Contact’s membership(s) rather than the Contact’s status. Conflating the two is going to complicate this plugin and may duplicate functionality found elsewhere.

    Plugin Author Christian Wach


    @sjparker FWIW, when you have “soft deleted” a Contact, make sure this plugin’s sync process runs. This should update the WordPress User with the correct role/caps. You could do that by “saving” the Contact’s membership without making changes.

    Just to add a little more detail to my previous response: I think you’re running into UFMatch issues, which I think are separate to “Membership Syncing” issues. I’ll have a think about how these might be cleaned up – and indeed which code should be doing that.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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