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  • Q I have a domain about cities. I want to be able to use Multisite but I am very green at this. A2hosting has a box to x to install multisite, and it installed. Now they say you have to pick from Subdomain or Subfile???? where is that, how do you pick, is it in C-panel or in wordpress itself. Now how would I use MU Country, States, Cities 10,000++++ To Make this MEGA site. And when iam in the Back-End all I see is admin not super admin?? the videos says I should be super admin???

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  • WordPress MU——Thinking about all the videos I saw! I went into wp-config?? and change (subdomains) that to true is that bad? to use subdomains. Or should it still be on “false”

    You say county/state/city. How do you want your URLs to look?

    If someone wants to see info for Chicago, will they be going to

    Or just

    If it’s the former, I’d need more info to know if MU is the right choice.

    If it’s the latter, all you need to decide is do you want users to see (subdomain) or (subdirectory).

    Your superadmin, in a properly set-up MU environment, will appear in the upper left. My Sites -> Network Admin

    I have watched A 1hr video about multisite and one guy says google does index subdomains but sub files do not. The name is and its all about cities. But I need some kind strure to the site so I wanted Countries,states, and cities. but as i understand its built more like a wheel not like a spider web????

    How about does this work? that should work but how can i build it in msite. I tried to. But I could not get the web thing going. so Google Index will pick it up! won’t work in a basic MU install. You’d need some customization.

    Why do you need MU? Will each country/state/city have its own admin panel? has a GeoCraft Business Directory Listing WordPress Theme.That I buught for $97.00 That does things auto And I want to make Billion from it, just to start with.

    I want list just about every City on earth and make money with it. but customization is that posible?

    I know my logo is to big on the front page but Iam trying to use gimp to make it smaller.

    How are you going to add all the cities?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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