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  • New user here, been fairly happy with WP so far.

    To the point… How about a little something for those of us that actually research what we write? I’m refering to citations… If I were writing stand alone pieces I could see running a seperate works cited for each. In the case of having an entire site I was thinking about a master citation database, so citing could be inserted with a quick tag and easily managed in the admin area.

    I know it’s possible and very doable. I just don’t have the php or sql skills to implement it myself anytime soon. Does anyone know of a plugin or planned release of a plugin that could fill this need? Is there even enough interest in the idea?

    If there’s no plugin and no interest, could someone direct me to where I could get some help in having one made? I’m hesitant to post any of my serious work untill I figure out what I’m going to do about citations…

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  • Actually, I think this is a pretty nifty idea. I do not know of any pre-existing plugin to provide this functionality. I might be interested in writing such a plugin. Why don’t you quantify the requirements a little better. What data exactly needs to be stored: for example, does date of publication need to be stored in a separate, indexable table? What about the UI? Obviously, it’s a lot easier to add a basic UI using the new shortcodes than an AJAXy overlay.

    ~ Christopher



    Thanks for the reply. I believe all the information could be stored in a single table with multiple fields. There would be many fields to store, not all of them in use by every citation. i.e. a website wouldn’t use all of the same fields as a book citation. There would also need to be a short form of the citation for parenthetical use and a field tracking which type of citation each is for formatting use.

    I was hoping for something based off of the MLA format for citations. (I would reference you directly to the MLA except their website no longer contains the required information as they intend for us to buy their guides.) The idea being that a master list (database) could be managed from the admin area. Individual posts and pages could then pull that information from the database by means of a quick tag. i.e. [cite-#] where # is the indexed number of the citation. I’ve also thought about the possibility of the quick tags being inserted in-line and showing as parenthetical citations with a master tag that could be inserted at the end, capable of alphabeticaly listing each unique citation in its full form. i.e. [cite-list].

    I understand this would be a substantial undertaking. I can picture the data-flow and interaction, however I lack the coding experience to achieve this. If I were to make an attempt it would likely be done sometime in the next decade, not useful in the here and now. I do believe that this would be a very useful feature for those wishing to publish serious papers. If there are any further questions please contact me. Any help in this matter would be appreciated. =)



    I’m piggybacking on this to ask whether anyone knows what happened to the CrossRef plugin?

    It used to work just beautifully. Then CrossRef removed the search facility from its web site. The original plug-in page has gone, and I’ve seen nothing here or anywhere else about the demise of the plug-in.

    It was a really good idea, using the DOI system to generate properly formatted citations. I know one can do this via, but it would be great to have a plug-in to do it directly from WP.

    I’ve no idea how to implement such a thing, but I know I’d use it.

    Having this embedded in a table in the database would be a great idea.

    To date I have always used EndNote ( for managing citations / references. There are many similar products available and I’m not suggesting that this one is the best. What would be interesting is in seeing this type of functionality provided as a plugin. Being able to select or define different referencing styles from available fields would be ideal.

    The only way I have achieved this recently is to cut and paste a reference from EndNote into a posting, then use the plugin “fd-footnotes” to provide a link from the document (posting) body to the footer. It’s cumbersome and not ideal.

    Would be great to see a plugin that achieves this seamlessly from within WP.

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