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  • Hi

    First off, great theme, easily the best I have used in years.

    I am having a problem developing for a client. They are locked down to IE6, some on IE8 and a few on IE9. They cannot update to IE10.

    When they try to preview the site using their local machines and old browsers, the circles on the homepage render as square.

    Is there a way of fixing this? They wont sign off on it until the page renders properly on their own machines…

    Click the link to see a pic of what they are seeing (at the bottom of the pic):

    Here is the link

    Any help would be very much appreciated.



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  • Hi pluribus,
    circles are using a css3 property which is not supported by ie version less than 9.
    Thanks for your using the theme anyway.

    Hi Nikeo

    Thanks for letting me know, I had a feeling it was CSS3 related. It renders fine “outside” the company so I will have to find a way to upgrade their browsers…

    I appreciate you getting back to me so quickly though.



    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    @andrew : hey this plugin looks pretty interesting, thanks for sharing!

    A quick update –

    That plugin works perfectly to fix this problem…in IE9. I still need to find a workaround for IE8 which is what the client is running on his main machine…

    My job would be great if it wasnt for the customers….

    I will post an update (and fix) as soon as I have one.





    Hello guys,

    Same problem in IE 9: the circle effect (border-radius) does not work, they appear as squares, hence no transition effect either.

    The IE CSS3 support plugin is not working either for me, I don’t know why.
    I even tried the PIE alternative, no luck…

    Running out of ideas, someone has a clue? I’m no css expert, so any help is welcome! At least if I could have the “border-radius” working, even without transition, it would be great already!

    Of course I could make circled images in Photoshop, but I’m not that desperate yet! 🙂




    Hello again…

    To have circles instead of squares, I had to add :

    .thumb-wrapper img {
    border-radius: 900px;
    z-index: 90;

    The circles don’t render as nicely as in other browsers, they look a little flatten, and increasing the radius would not change anything.

    If you have a better solution, I’m interested!


    David Burkhart


    I haven’t seen the problem yet nor investigated the code, but …

    You could possibly do the following:

    1. Create and add a white square with a transparent disc as a GIF file.
    2. Set the background-image for each “thumb-wrapper” image element to the current source values.
    3. Set the source value for each “thumb-wrapper” image element to the path of the new GIF file.
Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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